What is Meditation?


What is Meditation?

What is meditation?

It is something that has been practised for thousands of years, though giving definition to the question “what is meditation” can be some what elusive. It is a state of being in very simple terms.

What is meditation?

It is a state in which a person can create a deep feeling of peace and calm within themselves. It is a state in which the mind is at ease and can release off the various unpleasant things that have been experienced and attain stress relief. In this state the brain can alter the frequencies upon which it works and achieve relaxation.

When meditating your mind can operate in a manner that is free of the boundaries that it normally operates in day to day conscious life. The limitation and high focus on details that it faces create fatigue. When meditating you can slow down. You can reset. So it is a way of bringing a greater level of health and wellbeing to your mind.

Meditation also works with your body too. Because your mind and physical body feedback to each other they can work together. When your mind is overloaded signs of this become evident in your body through dis-ease and unwellness. So when it changes state while meditating, the feedback to your body is more positive. To the level that wellness can be induced and good health returned to you. Wellness is possible when your mind and body are relaxed and at ease.

Also your spirit is soothed when you meditate. As you meditate your mind relaxes and your spirit can come into its natural state of being. Your spirit is your core state of being, the blueprint of your body and life in perfect health and form. If you are under a state of stress it is more difficult to connect with your spirit properly due to the focus on the detail of the physical level. Also whilst it is spiritual activity, it is free from connection to religion, unless you choose to connect it in any way that is.

So when you meditate you can reset yourself in a holistic way.

You can bring about connection between mind, body and spirit on a level that enables you to achieve greater health and wellbeing on all levels. Through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. You can improve your state in terms of physical health, emotional health, mental wellbeing, financial wellbeing, career, relationships, everything.

In plain terms once you start being more at ease within your own mind then your life externally will become more at ease too.

What is meditation?

It is a way for you to transform your inner self, in such a way that your outer self can transform too. When you create shifts on a deep core level they filter outwards. The positive changes that you effect internally proliferate out into the rest of your life. As you shift the way you are within yourself then the relationships you have begin to improve, your financial wellbeing can improve too as your internal self worth increases. Spiritually you can soar higher too, due to the improved connection between your mind, body and spirit.

By meditating you can facilitate magical change. It is by far one of the deepest ways to access you inner self. It is a way for you to improve health on all levels and across your entire life. It is a way for you to achieve stress relief through deep and peaceful relaxation. It is a way you can achieve a deeper rapport with the world around you, through creating deeper connections on a spiritual level with the world. It is a way for you to create both focused and broad change within your life depending on your own choice.

So, what is meditation? It is a way of accessing the core of the mind in a profoundly rewarding and relaxing way, that enables you then to make changes as and where you wish within your life should you choose to, or just achieve a deep and wonderful sense of relaxation and stress relief. It enables you to ease your mind and connect to the universe through altering the frequencies with which your mind works. As such creating positive effects that filter out from your core through your mind, body and spirit.

Meditating helps you to live a fulfilling life on all levels through the experience and creation of wellbeing on an internal level.

I wish you a beautiful journey on your meditative path. The guided meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections that I have created are there to help everyone at every level of experience to get more from meditating. Plus the meditation forum is there to share ideas and experience. The meditation forum is open to all, so please join us in the community.

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