What is Chakra Meditation?

chakra meditation The seven main chakras in the human body

What is Chakra meditation? Chakra meditation is a way of meditating that enables you to heal and strengthen your chakras. The body has seven main chakras or energy centers, each of which governs a different element within your life.

The knowledge originally comes from eastern mysticism, and dates back thousands of years. The knowledge built up around it has expanded over this time and has been disseminated through various mediums including meditation and yoga.

The seven chakras are arranged vertically through the body with the first being at the base of the pelvis, and the seventh being on the top of the head. Chakra meditation works with each chakra in turn. Progressively healing and strengthening each then moving to the next, healing and strengthening each time. With further practice enabling greater reinforcing of the work done previously, and further building upon the energetic strength of the chakra.

This kind of meditation creates changes with specific elements of your life each time it is done, due to the fact that each chakra governs a particular element within your life. These are as follows:

  • Crown (white, purple) – Spiritually, Universal connection
  • Third Eye (violet) – Perception, psychic ability
  • Throat (blue) – Communication
  • Heart (emerald green) – Romantic and self love
  • Solar Plexus (yellow) – Will, confidence, self worth, manifestation
  • Sacral (orange) – Creativity, fertility (female)
  • Root (black, brown, red) – Grounding, connection to the physical world, stability, fertility (male)

This means that there are seven individual meditations to do, alternatively and more rarely, you can work on all chakras within the same meditation though you do less work on each this way. At the same time though what can be a good way to work is to perform the individual healings that are required, then work with all seven within susequent meditations. Allowing you to strengthen and reinforce all of them at the same time little by little.

When you perform chakra meditation on a repeated basis each of your chakras becomes more efficient and stronger. This enables you to connect both with yourself and the universe in general in a more effective way. So you can create greater wellbeing for yourself across multiple levels. The way we operate in day to day life affects how well they function. Strengthening them whilst you meditate fortifies you with greater ability to influence and gain a positive outcome from situations as they arise.

So, what is chakra meditation? It is a way of healing and increasing the energetic health and strength of you chakras. It can improve your life and level of fulfilment from life through working with the energetics of your body. It enables you to influence the things that are deep inside you by focusing energy on certain places and aiding them to move into a greater state of health and wellbeing. As with other types of meditation and change work it all works on the energetic level, through the focusing of thought patterns in order to create a shift in the way energy flows on the spiritual, mental, emotional and then physical levels. By altering energetic levels higher up an effect cascades through the other levels bringing the change to them as well. Enabling the meditator to create changes easily and with far less effort.

Knowing this allows a simpler answer to the question, what is chakra meditation? It is a way of creating change and improvement throughout life by working with thought and energy whilst meditating.

There are many ways in which you can improve your life and your fulfilment from it. In the guided meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections there are numerous things to aid you in this way. Plus of course chakra meditations that you can follow.

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Stephen Frost

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What an awesome website. Wish you all blessings that flow from the work that you are doing. Great writing and such great offerings. Thank you.

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