Spiritual And Esoteric Studies

Spiritual and Esoteric Studies help to deepen the insights and results you achieve from meditation

Spiritual and Esoteric Studies help to deepen the insights and results you achieve from meditation

For those wishing to delve further into their spiritual and esoteric studies in order to gain new insights within their meditation there are some suggested links for study programs here. These programs are all good, though as we all know different people are suited to different methods of study, masters, gurus and teachers, so please bear this in mind when evaluating potential courses for yourself. They all work with slightly different aspects and to differing levels depending on the depth you wish your esoteric studies and knowledge of spitiruality to go, some are pure self development and others formal study programs resulting in qualifications such as a degree. Certainly I can say from my own experience that the more you study in this area the greater the depth and understanding you have over your own life, plus the greater your ability to achieve the results and understanding you wish for through meditation. Having been introduced to various teachers over the years and worked through certain suggested spiritual and esoteric study programmes which resonated with me I have been able to move to a totally different level with meditation, one that is open to everyone to enjoy when they choose to unlock the door that leads them there. The choice is yours as to whether you go for any or none of them, just choose what is right for you.

American Pacific University do a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology.
Exeter University have a very good BA Philosophy course.
Doctor of Spiritual Studies Degree at Emerson Thelogical Institute.
The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology have a range of Psychology and Spirituality courses.
Antioch University Seattle run a course in Spiritual Studies.
The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts run a certificate of excellence in SPiritual Studies.
Calamus Extension College run Metaphysics and Esoteric Studies distance learning programmes.
Servants Of The Light run a School of the Mysteries which goes into great depth with Esoteric studies of the Western tradition.
Builders Of The Adytum run an excellent distance learning study program well suited to lone study and deep knowledge of esoterics.

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