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by Master Meditation on January 9, 2010

Meditation Space and Environment is very important and should be set up carefully

Meditation Space and Environment is very important and should be set up carefully

When meditating the environment you choose is key, put simply it needs to be peaceful. Ideally you should set a whole room aside that you can turn into a meditation area, though I recognise that might be difficult or even impossible for some people, in which case set aside a particular a place within a quiet room would have to do. Have a space set aside for you to meditate in is very important as over time the energy and atmosphere around that space builds into a very calm and relaxing space. Crystals can be great for this.

Also you should ensure that space remains free of clutter, anything superfluous to meditation in the space will affect the meditation practice you initiate. Clutter brings the energy of chaos, which at times can be good to work with, however when you are going into meditation especially when you first start chaos can be distracting and restrictive. The space should ideally be very comfortable, with a cushion or something else that will support your comfort when you meditate. Working with light colours, white, cream, etc, will add further to the atmosphere of calm and relaxation, the aura of warmth exuded by these sort of colours creates an air of gentleness that supports and promotes your meditation practice.

If you choose to meditate with music then either a good set of speakers with a stereo placed in the background, or if you are in a house where quiet is challenging to achieve then noise cancelling earphones connected to an ipod will be good. The music itself is very important if you choose to meditate to music, natural sounds will support moving into a good state of meditation, alternatively there is a good selection of soothing relaxation music available to or even guided meditations. The focus here with music is keep it gentle and soothing, think and select carefully, if it promotes a deeper state of relaxation then it should be good to meditate with. Try a few different C.D.s or mp3s and see how you go with different things, and enjoy.

Incense is something that people have differing ideas and thoughts about, personally I do use incense and find it works well and various aromas can promote different types of meditation. Picking incense is very personal though, some prefer earthy aromas or woody or floral, and you should pick out an aroma that brings you relaxation and calm. As a note on this also be careful what the incense is made from, there are lots of synthetic blends out there and they can give headaches, plus being unnatural they detract from your meditation practice. Going for an incense that is purely natural will aid your meditative state and the depth you can go to. Often when starting out people go for Nag Champa which many find conducive to a relaxing state, there are many options out there and Nitiraj also do a great selection. On another helpful note, find a good ash catcher for the ash when the incense stick burns down.

Candles can be good too, though great care should be taken with them, be very careful with them. Provided you can have candles safely in your meditation environment then please do use them, and I recommend using bees wax candles due to the cleaner burn they have than paraffin candles which can give off an unpleasant odour. Again ensure you have good holders for the candles in order to prevent wax drops on carpets and other things.

All these things are widely available throughout the US, UK, Japan and the majority of the world, many of them online or locally.

In the main ensure it is an area that you can feel comfortable meditating in, with time practicing in the same location will aid you to take your meditation to deeper levels. Thus relieving more stress, bringing you greater calm, relaxation and moving you to a more fulfilling level. Wherever you choose to set up your meditation area I wish you wonderful meditations and happiness, Namaste!


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Nikki December 13, 2011 at 6:38 am

I actually use candles during meditation. My husband bought me a beautiful candle holder. I honestly love to have candles in the room. It just sets a calm atmospher for me. I will make sure to use bees wax candles going forward. Great info.

Master Meditation December 30, 2011 at 10:35 pm

My pleasure Nikki! Enjoy your candles and relaxation! 🙂



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