Meditation Techniques And Stress Relief

by Master Meditation on September 26, 2010

Meditation is wonderful for stress relief and good meditation techniques really help

Meditation is wonderful for stress relief and good meditation techniques really help

Meditation is profoundly useful when dealing with stress. The stress relief that can be gained from using appropriate meditation techniques is becoming more and more widely documented with various medical agencies worldwide. When going into meditation it is possible to attain the level of calm that eludes most people on a daily basis. The level of calm that they wish they could attain.

Getting that state of calmness is relatively easy, it just requires practice with good meditation techniques. Having the faith and belief for getting through the initial stages of learning how to meditate is the hardest part of meditating, everyone has different experiences. This is important to remember, what friends encounter during meditation can be totally different to what you encounter, though these differences are nothing to do with who can meditate best. They are just the different ways our mind body and spirit works.

A strong component to making all meditation techniques work is having a good meditation space, one that you know has a calm energy to it. A place where you can get the sanctuary you need and require. This helps you to achieve a deeper state of meditation more easily. Whenever I set up a meditation space I always have carefully selected meditation crystals on an altar and around the room to enhance the energy. Also pictures, candles and incense are very useful along with something comfortable to sit on. All these things are easily available throughout the US, UK, Japan and much of the world. So do your best to have a good meditation space to meditate within.

As for good meditation techniques for gaining stress relief, visualisation is profoundly helpful for many people. One such approach is the following. See yourself in the middle of a field of grass, enjoying the warm sunshine and fresh air. In front of you a little way in the distance is a sandy beach and the beautiful blue ocean. Naturally you find yourself being drawn towards the sea, and begin walking towards the beach. Coming to the edge of the field you find a path leading through the trees and down to the beach. The trees are lush with green leaves, though still you can feel the sunlight coming through gaps in the foliage. After a short while you find yourself heading down some steps and onto the beach. The sand feels warm and pleasant on your feet. Each step you take through the sand has you feeling more refreshed. As you walk along the beach and closer to the water you feel the fuzziness of your mind clearing away. Clarity and peace are slowly ebbing into you like the waves of the sea gently ebbing on the beach. The waves are gentle, and the water calming. As you walk along the firmer damp sand the water runs gently over your feet from time to time. This just serves to draw more energy of a calming nature into you. The sea air, fragranced with salt fills your lungs and cleans the energy within them. Each time you breathe you feel the flow of calmness come in, and the feelings of tension that were there flow out. Ever so smoothly you feel your body relax more and more, feeling aware of your muscles becoming looser and more relaxed still. Holding this relaxation and allowing it to expand through your being you begin to head back towards the steps and path that brought you here. The warm sand fills you with gentle energy as you walk over it, and as you head back up towards and through the trees you are filled with gentle calmness. Slowly you make your way back to the place in the middle of the field, taking your renewed calm with you. When you arrive back in the middle, holding those feelings of peace and calm, slowly open your eyes and come back into the room. Sit for a few moments and savour the relaxation that has come from your meditation, then take it through into the rest of your day and evening.

Please enjoy this meditation and the peace it brings you.

Wherever you are I wish you beautiful and calming meditations! Namaste.


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echa September 26, 2010 at 9:10 pm

I like this one too. this is very simply words to explain how to reach the state that lead you into trans.when I read this I just remember my lesson about hypno therapy…pretty same..with the beginning imagination to some beautiful place..and I do agree too with using some media to create comfortably place to meditate..combine with aromatherapy meditation can be very effectively relief stress :)…
ganbate..well done!

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