Meditation, Stress and Students

by Master Meditation on September 9, 2011

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Meditation is great for stress and students, the peace and calm bring amazing results.

Meditation is excellent for issues of stress and students.

If you are studying:

  • You face many pressures
  • You have lots of deadlines
  • You have multiple things required at the same time
  • You need better focus and concentration.

Meditation has helped many people with these kinds of issues for thousands of years. Stress and students mix together on a regular basis, I am sure you know that. Yet stress and students never have to mix together. You can separate the two.

Firstly, imagine yourself totally at ease and able to focus on all your work. Doing it all comfortably, easily and quickly, all to a good standard.

Now take a a moment and realise within yourself, the only thing stopping that is your stress level.

As you reduce your stress, usually via varying stress relief techniques, you become able to function effectively. When you have completely removed stress, you enter a totally different realm.

So for what reason do stress and students seem to thrive together? Is it an angst thing? Or, a need for attention that unconsciously comes through from having stress? Maybe. Though a stronger answer is that when you are a student you have pressure from numerous sources including family. Which is then coupled with the fact that likely no one every taught you how to achieve stress relief.

When you meditate you can achieve stress relief quickly. Though the benefits to you of meditating go way beyond just stress relief. Of course getting rid of your troubles and pressure is great. You can have more good stuff come through though.

So it would be useful for you to know what is meditation and other things about meditation. In short though, it is a way of changing your state. Changing your state into one of peace and calm that allows your body to reset and feel good again.

Imagine pressing that reset button and feeling free to think and be again. Though it does so much more to.

When you work with meditation you also find that your powers of perception increase. You can recall things more easily. Your mind is more in flow, which enables it to move information around far more easily. The information that you need to be working with.

Your concentration rockets up too. When you practice meditation the clarity that you achieve within your mind enables you to work more freely and easily due to the absence of distraction. The niggling thoughts that used to whizz around inside your head like banshees disappear. You have calmness come through that enables your neural pathways to operate efficiently.

On top of this your creativity increases too. As your mind moves freely you have true inspiration come through. Ideas come from many sources and flow. Whatever you are studying this is a good thing for you. With the increase of ideas you can produce original work with great ease. Gaining you the results that you seek.

Plus of course you enjoy life more and feel a real presence of joy within the things you do and your life in general.

So as a student meditation can help you because:

  • You attain stress relief
  • Your perception increases
  • Your can concentrate properly
  • You can recall and remember easily
  • Your become creative
  • You gain control of your mind

By gaining all these things you can take the step to enjoy real genius.

Meditation links you to the mind power and joy that enable you to set your inner genius free.

When you meditate the improvements that you pick up in your life are far reaching. When you take the step and begin to meditate to take yourself off on a path that liberates you, a path that leads to the life you have been seeking.

There is much help available to you for this too. On this site you will find guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources in the relevant sections. They have been designed to help you, and have worked for many. Also there is a meditation forum. The meditation forum is open to all and is a great place to share ideas and wisdom, along with any questions you have.

So go on and set your inner genius free!

May your meditating be beautiful and serene and your life prosperous.


Stephen Frost

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