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by Master Meditation on July 8, 2011

A meditation space feels very different when you add plants.

A meditation space feels very different when you add plants.

Meditation spaces can be massively enhanced by plants. Meditation is about the flow of energy within life and the universe. As such there is very strong reason for having plants within your meditation space, they bring more life in, and in certain cases hold symbology of the universe itself.

An important thing to think about here is what to bring in. In essence, how much is enough. Too many plants and your meditation space will become cluttered and you will get swamped. Though at the same time is should be noted that different people will be happy with different amounts of plants. So go with what is right for you, it is of course you that will be using your meditation space.

Also think about how much care different plants require. If you have a busy schedule and little time or inclination to look after plants then choosing ones that are difficult to look after will be counter productive to your meditations. Choose plants that are going to be easy to look after and that create the feel that you desire within your meditation space. By selecting easy to look after plants you create a more relaxing atmosphere and thus can achieve more from your meditations.

As you meditate within a space that contains plants you will feel a difference in the energy. This is partly because the plants can actually help to cleanse the energy within the area, bringing rejuvenation and fresh life. The growth that occurs with them will also run with your own growth within your meditations. With the life and energy of yourself and your plants feeding back to each other, as you breathe so do they. All things contain life force energy, as you meditate more and more your life force energy grows and changes, it evolves. The energy within your plants grows at the same time, in some cases you may well find that the plants inside your meditation space grow at faster rates than those elsewhere.

In terms of what good plants are to have inside your space, a lot of it is down to personal choice. If you look at Feng Shui then you will likely notice that plants with rounded leaves are recommended. The reason for this being that spikey leaves are said to create ‘poison arrows’ that harm the energy within an area. Rounded leaves soften and create a gentler energy within an area, also if they are from a succulent plant then the swelling of the leaves symbolises the fullness of energy within the plant, strong vitality and prosperity. Jade plants are especially good for this, the shift they create and support within a room is quite wonderful. Also, though at a different end of the scale, in some ways against the Feng Shui advice, are Bonsai trees. Classically Bonsai trees are from Japanese pine, though many other types of trees are now grown as Bonsai trees. Bonsai trees are traditionally a symbol of the universe in miniature format, certainly if you stay with the line of thinking that everything is connected and a contains a projection of the world outside then this is the case. Life flows through everything, regardless of size, species and form, as such anything that contains life can represent the universe and its universal flow. However you can change how you perceive this flow by altering your image of it, by selecting certain plants or other elements you shift your representation of the universe.

Flowering plants and those that give fruit can also be good within a meditation space. The flowers can brighten and also scent, gently or heavily depending on the plant, creating a very different atmosphere. Whilst fruit can be used as an offering during meditation, or consumed after meditating to take in the goodness of your own efforts and the universe itself.

Whatever you do, ensure you take good care of any plants you decide to use, keeping them alive aids with you meditation practice and will create a much better feel than plants that are unhealthy.

Yes I really do want to get more from my meditation and value myself properly

Wherever you are and whatever you are meditating for I wish you serene meditations and prosperity.



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