Meditation On Om

by Master Meditation on May 4, 2010

Om Meditation

Om meditation brings profound peace and spiritual healing

Meditation can be done for many things. Meditating on Om takes you to very interesting expansive places.


  • You feel stuck where you are.
  • You wish to expand who you are.
  • You wish to expand your mind.
  • You wish to elevate your consciousness.

Then Om meditation will massively help you.

Every word as you know has a particular sound. Every sound has a meaning. Some of those sounds and meanings bring states beyond belief. For an everyday word. Om is one of those words. Learning how to meditate on it gives you faster path to higher spiritual consciousness. Linking to universal consciousness.

The word Om itself is a mystical sacred syllable within Indian religions. In many systems it translates directly as a name of god. It also emphasizes the singularity of god. Or god energy. Also aether or ether. Or universal consciousness.

Put simply “universal spiritual energy“.

Just making the sound is enough to start shifting things. Within your mind. Within your energy field. At times this can be profound. Bringing you a great level of peace.

The Om Symbol

The Om Symbol

Why meditate on Om? Probably the biggest reason is to get a close connection with the universe. Linking close to the universal spiritual energy.

Energy that connects us all.

It generates the flow of life you experience. Linking to this spiritual energy deeply brings you a greater degree of mastery over your life. A chance to begin again. If you wish. A rebirth. To a more conscious state.

A state that brings great fulfilment.

Also through linking with this energy profound spiritual healing is possible. Through connecting with the source of universal consciousness that is. Achieving spiritual healing is a good thing.

Allowing you to live more fully and happily.

Om meditation

Meditation on Om is relatively simple. Even for those learning how to meditate. No new age technique. People have done it for thousands of years. Because of it’s value spiritually.

Go into your meditation space. Get into a comfortable seated position. Seated so you can make the sounds easily. Clear your mind. Close or keep your eyes open. Your choice. Calmly breathe in through your nose.

Gently exhale through your mouth making the sound Om.

Initially you may feel little change. Keep your mind clear. Repeat the chant over and over. You will feel different. The Om chant (or mantra) shifts the mind higher and higher within its spiritual realm.

When you focus on the top of your head. On your crown chakra. You can elevate this feeling higher. You can take this even further. Have purple or white in front of you. They deepen the state of your mind. Making your Om meditation stronger.


Your mind lifts higher. Your soul feels lighter. A sense of relief comes with it. It does require practice. Though the benefits of this meditation are amazing.

The joy is profound.

The spiritual healing you get can resolve many issues in your life. Threads that seemed random before get meaning.

They can be rationalised and put to rest.

Plus you can clear karma more effectively also.

Incense can be very good during this practice. It can aid with relaxing your mind. If you wish to use music, something light without lyrics is best. There are many good meditation music CDs in the USUK and many other countries.


  1. Go into your meditation space.
  2. Get yourself into a comfortable seated position.
  3. Calmly breathe in through your nose.
  4. Gently exhale and chant Om.
  5. Repeat for as long as you wish.
  6. Give gratitude when you finish.
  7. Enjoy the relaxation.

You can also use the specially created mp3 meditation to help you.

When you use the Om meditation mp3 on a regular basis, the benefits are massive. Check the meditation ebooks and resources section to find guided meditations and other things that will help you. All guided meditation mp3 tracks were specially developed. Specially developed to help you achieve the results you want.

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Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations.


Stephen Frost

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