Meditation, Mind Body and Spirit

by Master Meditation on November 25, 2011

meditation, mind body and spirit

Doing meditation and Yoga together is great for you Mind Body and Spirit

Meditation and Yoga work incredibly well together to improve your Mind Body and Spirit.


  • You feel the need for greater physical activity
  • You find it difficult to sit still
  • You enjoy doing activities that improve your physical fitness

Then working with meditation and yoga together is a really good thing for you to do.

Meditating works mainly with your heart, mind and spirit. Yoga adds the physical body to the equation, so you do a holistic workout. With Yoga you are working with mind body and spirit. You use your physical body to activate energy changes within your heart, mind and spirit.

Yoga has been practised for a great length of time in India, where it is originally from. The movement of travellers around the world has lead to greater knowledge of it in many countries. So that now it is relatively easy to find yoga classes anywhere in the world.

Beyond this once you have learnt Yoga you can easily practice at home. All you need is a mat and yourself, very simple. Which means that you can easily do a holistic workout in your own time and in comfort too.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to do a Yoga session at home and then transition into meditating. Having moved your body and activated your energy flow you can shift and focus easily. Also it will have relaxed you too, so going into a meditative trance will be easy for you.

Yoga is effectively a moving meditation. You place a focus on your body and your breathing. Moving with steady relaxed motions. Pranayama is a breathing technique that is focused on in Yogic practice. In fact a large portion of your Yogic practice is focused on breathing and how it affects energy flow. Something that leads to greater levels of relaxation and clarity.

So as you work through both Yogic and meditative practice, you create finer levels of control over your mind body and spirit. If you really want to move yourself to higher levels then doing a yoga and meditation class, or a yoga and meditation retreat will really get things moving for you.

Imagine feeling on top of the world in terms of mind body and spirit.

Doing combined classes or retreats on a regular basis gets you to that way of being.

Especially when you are doing so in serene spiritual surroundings.

Your meditation space is incredibly important. It can totally change how you feel when you meditate. Likewise it follows that the environment that you practice Yoga in is going to alter and change the energy of it.

You can achieve amazing things by being in the right environment.

Imagine going on the most romantic date possible.

You think about a specific place, activity, sound, etc. You have associations as to what is romantic right. Those things all add up to create an experience for you that is romantic.

Equally well there are things that affect your meditating too. Being in a temple or shrine that has stood for hundreds or thousands of years, brings a different energy to you. They are spaces that have been used for spiritual practice over and over again. Every time the energy builds up, it becomes more spiritual. More magical. To the point where just being there immediately relaxes you.

The repeated energy affects the environment and influences you.

Something you can use to your great advantage. A major reason for creating your own meditating space at home. So that you can have a space that is devoted to relaxation. A place that is devoted to enhancing your life on a certain level. Which then cascades onto other levels. Improving your life all round.

So working with your breathing, doing meditation and combining them with yoga, gives you an excellent way to create a holistic spiritual experience.

The benefits to you from doing this:

  • Your mind becomes clear
  • Your body becomes healthy
  • Your spirit soars high

So go and find combined classes and retreats to get your life into an amazing groove.

Also of help to your practice are the elements from the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. There are numerous resources that have been created specially to help you achieve your dreams and thing that you wish to create in your life.

The meditation forum is a good place to get help too. Within the meditation forum you can get assistance from others and share wisdom too.

Wherever you are I wish you true happiness and peaceful meditating.


Stephen Frost

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