Meditation, Love and Friends

by Master Meditation on May 27, 2011

Meditation, Love and Friends all link together, enjoying all these things enables great spiritual growth.
Meditation, Love and Friends all link together, enjoying all these things enables great spiritual growth.

Meditation is wonderful as we all know, love and friends are highly important too. Many people say that isolation is a good path to follow when heading down a spiritual path. Going into a time of isolation can be good, time alone can be good to develop your thoughts and shift consciousness. Though support from wonderful kindred spirits is highly valuable too. Friends wish to support each other and help each other to be happy, turning your back on them can be unwise.

Time amongst people is valuable for many people. Being around people that you care about and that care about you helps you to feel loved, and to give love too. Love is a very important part of spiritual growth. The link between the heart chakra and crown chakra is very close. They feed between each other and and work closely together.

So to move ahead effectively in a spiritual way then feeling love is important. Even when people choose a path of dedication to spirituality and become a monk or a nun, they still spend time around like minded people, people that support and nurture each other.

When you have this kind of support from people it actually elevates your energy. You know the expression “many hands make light work”, well it is the same here. The addition of friends creates a boost to your energy levels, and makes what you do more enjoyable. Far from saying that you need many many friends, what works well is having the right friends. Friends work work without judgement and support you unconditionally for your greatest happiness. Of course this is two way, you should most definitely support them too.

The elevation you attain from feeling love and loved is quite extraordinary. Indeed many old masters from times past used to insist that prior to a student studying with them they had already had a family and were married and successful. There were a number of reasons for this, partly to remove any distractions about what the student wanted or needed to be doing, also because the energy and vibration of love help to elevate the soul. Effectively lifting the student in two ways before they even begin training. We all look to get an edge in work, business, sports, games, etc, well you can get an edge in your spirituality too by doing the right things in your life. Life requires balance, without that sense of balance things become uneven and difficult.

By taking time with friends you can create goodness and joy for yourself and others. You can create a positive atmosphere for yourself and others, again this creates an energy of positivity that moves you forward. You can further enhance this air of positivity by practicing mindfulness when you are with your friends, being mindful of everything around you and your friends themselves. This will be appreciated by them and create a stronger deeper bond between you, likely helping them to evolve in whatever way they need to too.

People come and go in life, some stay for a long time, others show more transience and are only around for a short time. We all have different parts to play in each others lives, honouring that and showing gratitude for the experiences is wise to do. Enjoy this time with your friends, and enjoy your time in meditation too. You do meditation in order to elevate yourself spiritually, every time you meditate you are lifting your energy that bit higher. Climbing up to enjoy true happiness in life. Meditation is most definitely a wonderful thing, and it can be greatly aided and enhanced by various activities including spending quality time with loved ones. If you go into meditation after an enjoyable social occasion you are going to notice the difference, you will feel uplifted and your soul will be soaring higher already. Thus allowing you to build even further within your meditation and move to even loftier heights, all in a totally natural way.

So spend time with the people you care about and love, with your friends. Acknowledge and give gratitude and thanks for the connections that you share and the joy that you bring each other. Meditate on these connections at times and see what comes to you about your friendships during these meditations. You may well be amazed at how things improve and how much more you enjoy your friendships as a result.

Wherever you are and whatever your goal in this life and your purpose for meditation, I wish you serenely beautiful meditations.


Stephen Frost

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