Meditation Is New Age?

by Master Meditation on May 25, 2010

Far from being New Age Meditation has roots dating back thousands of years.

Far from being New Age Meditation has roots dating back thousands of years.

Meditation is new age? Well many people would like us to believe that anyway. Much as I have said before and there is plenty of evidence to back it up, meditation has been around for thousands of years. The new age references come from people who have only discovered it recently, and from its resurgence into public life in the last few decades. Also one of the things which leads to the belief of it being new age is what some would define as a lack of scientific or medical evidence to support the benefits of meditating.

Thankfully more is coming to the fore as meditation gains greater popularity. With institutes like the Harvard Medical School and the NHS yielding greater backing for the use of meditation as a way to improve wellbeing, particularly for those with mental illness such as example depression. Although the NHS in the UK are opting for terminology such as Mindfulness with the belief that the term hold greater credibility, with the term meditation sounding unscientific. Either way, the terminology is largely unimportant, the effect is the main concern.

The increase in research on meditation also then brings greater weight within the press, and now we are seeing articles coming forth from good quality sources like Timesonline, the Telegragh and others. This is good as it aids the creation of a better world for us all to live in.

Meditation has been widely credited for many years as having profound benefit for stress relief and improving healing rates. With meditation becoming more and more of a widespread practice we can look forward to enjoying a better quality of life. Up until recently finding a good meditation master or guru has held challenges, as the media brings greater favour and approval it is becoming increasingly easy to find some one good to learn from. Certainly learning how to meditate is easy and to then go forward and master meditation simple, when you know how.

So what is new age about being able to meditate, realistically nothing, apart from perhaps the availability of guided meditations and people to learn from. Products are becoming increasingly available through the US, UK and the majority of the world as cultures become more progressive and accepting of personal empowerment. There are still some who find it strange, and that is fine, meditating is not for everyone. Well initially anyway, over time once people get to know it and realise the benefits then they tend to embrace and enjoy it.

Within the new age category you can find many things which compliment your meditative practice well, incorporating feng shui within your meditation space and home can bring further levels of peace. Taking in yoga and tai chi, which are forms of moving whilst meditating which hold further benefit for your body and energy system, can greatly enhance your life too. Whilst tai chi is generally regarded as an ancient art, yoga is again regarded largely as new age. Mainly due to yoga having an upsurgeance during the 1960s and 1970s in the western world. Yoga has of course been around for thousands of years in India, it is just the public perception which creates the linking with being new age, it is just new to them.

Meditation can truly benefit your life, the best thing you can do is just start practicing and see how well you do with it. There are many simple meditations and guided meditation products out there to help beginners, and the results are being widely catalogued now. So if you are wishing to learn or gain spiritual healing then find good resources and just go for it, enjoy the benefits and the improved quality of life you can access. Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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Rob June 2, 2010 at 2:24 pm

Yes, meditation is thousands of years old. Each generation discovers it anew. One thing that is new about the New Age is the numbers of people who are beginning to practice some form of meditation or other. I discovered it back in 1969, at “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” as we said. Young and naive, at the time I thought all the books I was reading about spirituality were recent releases. Now that I’m revisiting them, I’ve discovered that many of the best ones were written in the early fifties and before. Lovely website you have here and great information.

Master Meditation June 3, 2010 at 2:57 pm


Thank you, glad you are enjoying the content and practice shared here.
Any other recommendations I would be very happy for you to share them.
One of my favourites still to this day is “The Kybalion” by the Three Initiates, a great work passed down from Hermes and still holds great wisdom to be worked through.



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