Meditation How Is It Affected By What You Eat?

by Master Meditation on January 27, 2012

Meditation can be greatly enhanced with body cleansing and high quality nutrition

Meditation can be greatly enhanced with body cleansing and high quality nutrition

Meditation and your mind can very much be affected by what you eat.


  • You are sluggish
  • You feel down often
  • You find it difficult to concentrate
  • You find it difficult to summon enough energy to do things

Then checking out what you are eating and drinking would be a valuable thing to do. Especially if you wish to achieve more through your meditation.

There is an age old saying, “your body is a temple”.

It is very much true, and the results that temple yields you are in line with the way it is treated. When you give little regard to what you do and how you treat your temple, the results will be poor. Basically “garbage in, garbage out”. Fill yourself with junk and that will govern your existence and life.

However when you are careful about what you put in. When you think and act with a higher intention, you can achieve something quite amazing.

Your body has a myriad of systems functioning in delicate balance. Nurturing those systems effectively with the nutrition they require will see you stepping up to higher levels of existence and effectiveness. Your meditations and their results gain new dimensions. They also achieve those results faster.

When you are nourishing your mind and body in the right way the paths that you are forging through meditation and other activities come much more easily.

Nutrition, or lack of it can lead to massive differences within the body and mind. When you lack nutrition, or have excessive levels of toxins and damaging chemicals within your body they take a toll on your abilities. Often causing your mind to become sluggish.

You become seriously held back from your potential.

When you are working on any kind of life change this has massive implications. If it is difficult to enact changes then you can become discouraged. Leading potentially to a spiralling path of descent. A path that draws you away from how you truly wish to be.

So investing in your own body and health yields massive benefits.

When you give yourself an edge for attaining greater health through body cleansing and nutrition you give yourself a big step up. You can leverage your health toward aiding you in achieving the life you desire. Creating a high level of health and wellbeing through nutrition and meditation draws your dreams within far easier reach than they would have been before.

When you are careful about what you eat and drink you ascend into a state of being that you will likely be surprised about. Cleansing out toxins and the chemicals that reduce your capacity for thought yields great leaps forward. Hence the reason that monks, nuns and others doing spiritual work, manifestation, etc do fasting and cleansing. It puts them mentally, emotionally and spiritually onto a higher plane where they can access the knowledge they seek and commune on a higher level to achieving their objectives.

When you go beyond body cleansing and into ensuring you get the best nutrition possible as well you step even higher. By ensuring you get high quality nutrition you feed your physical body in a way that sees your physical system supporting greater growth of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Through good nutrition you can evolve to a higher level.

When you are getting the right nutrition and working with meditation your focus becomes razor sharp. You can draw the energy your require for whatever you are doing easily and effortlessly, then with the enhanced focus you can apply that energy to achieving your desired result.

You can achieve your desired result easily and effortlessly when you treat your body well.

This basically means that you have certain lifestyle choices to make. Choices that will support you in living and enjoying the way you wish to be. Granted you can still indulge yourself on occasions, if you so choose to. When you live the vast majority of the time on a good diet, along with whatever supplements and cleansing products are going to aid you, then you can achieve great things.

I can totally recommend the following nutritional and body cleansing products having worked with them personally since June 2010. The way they have aided me in shifting my health to an even higher level than it was before has been impressive to say the least. Having worked with Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and a very healthy diet for many years prior I was already in great condition. Working with them on top helped me to catapult to an even higher level of health and functioning though.

So if:

  • You are committed to living the best life possible
  • You are committed to functioning at your highest level
  • You are committed to achieving the results you dream of
  • You are committed to being your best

Then check out your diet and state of health today and commit to getting yourself into the best state of health possible with the best nutritional products you can get.

Plus of course working through the meditations that will aid you in achieving the life you seek. Check out the guided meditations, chakra meditations, meditation ebooks and resources sections. All these resources have been created specifically to aid you in achieving what you seek in life.

The meditation forum is also there to help you. Within the meditation forum you can seek knowledge and share knowledge easily and effortlessly.

Wherever you are and whatever you seek, I wish you abundant health, the fulfilment of your dreams and serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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