Meditation how do you use it to move beyond what is?

by Master Meditation on February 10, 2012

This simple meditation technique helps you move beyond what is, and into a wonderful enjoyable life!

This simple meditation technique helps you move beyond what is, and into a wonderful enjoyable life!

Meditation offers you a vital key on transforming your life. By working with it in the right way you can transcend the, what is, of your life and access what should be.


  • You have been struggling with developing the lifestyle you seek
  •  You have been dogged by bad feelings and suffering
  • You have difficulty in maintaining a satisfying and fulfilling life
  • You find the things you want continually slipping away from you

Then finding out more about how you can calm and focus your mind to changing all these things for you easily and effortlessly will generate huge rewards for you.

Every journey begins in the mind.

Everything you do in life begins as a thought. Whether you are conscious of it or not is another matter. Somewhere deep inside though, a trigger sets a chain of thought in motion. Motion that carries on up through into the conscious part of your mind and then flows through into being your experience of the world in which you live.

The values and beliefs you have regarding the world you live in shape the thought more and more as it emerges. Think about a potter taking a piece of raw clay. As the potter works with that clay it takes form, it gets sculpted and reshaped. Then it is glazed and fired, finally the finished piece emerges into the world. This is kind of like what happens in your life. The raw clay is the first deep thought in you unconscious. As the thought travels up through your mind, through your values, beliefs and various filters it is shaped. When you think about it consciously you reshape it slightly, glaze it and then fire it so that you can bring it into the world.

Basically there is much that you do to shape the thought before you even become truly aware of it.

A common occurrence for people dealing with life change, however large or small, is to bring there focus to the, what is. To their here and now. Then wonder how they can change things so much if this is the way things are. Realistically you get what you focus on. So if your focus is poverty, sadness or problematic relationships, then those are the things that come to you. Basically it falls to the law of attraction. Something which is totally thought based.

When you wish to change you results, when you wish to enhance the way you live, changing your thinking is a fundamental step.

Until you shift the way you think things will stay the same.

However, changing your thinking can be incredibly easy, if you allow it to be!

A very simple exercise for this is to consciously influence your thinking, and to do so with depth. Creating a chain of thought that has to be listened to by your unconscious mind. Where you are in the here and now has very little impact on where you are going. You can achieve whatever you want easily through the right application of your mind.

By choosing to turn thoughts around, finding positives within everything that happens, however small or large. Then focusing those onto how they are going to aid you in achieving the life you are creating. You take huge strides into actually building strong foundations and the life you seek.

Every time something happens with a result that you may not have consciously wished for, think about it. Think about it and the positive from it. Work through those thoughts and how they are aiding you to better understand what you actually want in your life, and how this situation can aid you in achieving what you want.

You can work with meditation in many ways and as you learn more about meditation and what is meditation, you will understand how this kind of exercise helps you in a big way. By working with your mind power in a conscious way as thoughts and feelings come through you are doing a kind of meditation. A very light meditation. Yet meditation none the less.

You are working to shift your focus and hone your mind.

If you wish to take it deeper and go to your meditation space to work on it further then that is all well and good. You can do this kind of mental exercise any where. Doing it as soon as thoughts come up is the best time.


  • Shape all your thoughts into the positive
  • Find out how each thought helps you achieve your desires
  • Give gratitude for each thought and the positive it brings

By working in this way you can rapidly begin to change the way you think on a core level. Moreover, you can rapidly increase the amount that you enjoy life, and improve the results that you are experiencing.

There is much support for you to achieve the life that you seek. In the guided meditationchakra meditationmeditation ebooks and resources sections you will find many things that will help you. They have all been specially created and developed to help you in achieving the life you seek.

Within the meditation forum you can also access knowledge and wisdom easily. The meditation forum is open to all and is a very friendly environment.

Wherever you are I wish you easy transitions through the thoughts that lead you to the life you seek, and of course, serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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