Meditation How Can You Use It To Guarantee Your Success?

by Master Meditation on February 17, 2012

Success and living your dreams is a part of your birth rite and meditation can massively help you achieve that birth rite

Success and living your dreams is a part of your birth rite and meditation can massively help you achieve that birth rite

Meditation as you well know can have a major impact on your life and the level to which you enjoy it. Through using certain meditation techniques you can move way beyond just enjoying the moment and into creating the life you dream of.

So if:

  • You have been hitting walls
  • You have been getting blocked form the success you desire
  • You have been struggling to achieve your dreams
  • You are unsure what steps to take next to achieve your dreams

Then reading on and putting these techniques into action will massively aid you in getting the life that you want.

We all come into life in the same way, get an education and work with what we have to achieve what we want for ourselves. Yet how many people actually get to successfully live the life they dream of?

Are you living the life of your dreams right now?

Likely not, though if you are then well done to you! So if you are one of the many people who is still doing their best to live the most enjoyable and fulfilling life possible what should you do next? What is it that can be used to bridge the gap between living and living your dreams?

As said previously we all come into this world with effectively the same resources. The most important of those is your mind. Throughout school and growing up you are taught many things, though very few are ever taught how to properly use their mind. Strange really when it is such an important part of who you are. But what is it about your mind that can turn it into a major magnet for success and achievement?

One special part of your brain is known as your Reticular Activating System or RAS for short. When your Reticular Activating System is working it brings to your attention the things which are important to you, or that due to certain internal programming there is a belief that you should pay attention to. But how is this important?

It is important to you in that you can alter your programming. A little like a computer programmer might though far easier. So that you can notice opportunities to easily achieve your dreams.

Is it going to give you instant success? Maybe. Though what it will definitely do when you are in the right mindset is aid you in choreographing a dance through your life that brings you effortlessly and gracefully into the frame of living your dreams. The next bit is important.

Imagine yourself living your dreams.

Fully picture yourself enjoying living the life you dream of. Visualise yourself enjoying the success you dream of. Add in all the sounds and feelings that you would hear and feel. Make it fully compelling. Look at it through your own eyes as you imagine it. Then step back, and see yourself enjoying your successful and beautiful life.

You have just taken the first step in setting your Reticular Activating System up to getting you on the fast track to the way of living that you do truly deserve. Yes, everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams. It is a part of all of our birth rites.

A major thing that holds people back from the fastest possible route to success are their own thoughts about what success truly means, and the effects it may have. So cleaning those thoughts up is an incredibly important step too. If you have negative thoughts about success then they will hold you back. So turning those thoughts around, pivoting them into positive thoughts is vital.

Even better, clearing out the negative thoughts completely. Then replacing them with positive ones about what you wish for and how you would like to be. Doing so creates a pivoting point in your life that sees you on an instant change in direct and pace to achieving things that you may have been after for a great length of time.

So the first things to do to begin guaranteeing your success:

  1. Create a sense of calm in your life
  2. Clear out any negative thoughts you may have
  3. Build yourself a positive mindset
  4. Visualise yourself enjoying the life and success you dream of

These few steps will massively aid you in transforming your fortunes and getting what you have been wishing for.

There are more steps that you can take to further and more fully guarantee your success, and they can be found in the guided meditationchakra meditationmeditation ebooks and resources sections. These resources have all been specially developed to aid you in creating and enjoying the life that you want. Committing and investing in yourself acts as a strong magnet for what you want. Taking affirmative action on what you seek always gets you on the path to successful fulfilment.

The meditation forum is also there to aid you. Within the meditation forum you can access help and wisdom that will have you moving further towards the success that you seek.

Wherever you are I wish you the success you desire, the life you dream of and serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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