Meditation how can it improve relationships?

by Master Meditation on March 24, 2012

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Working with meditation can massively improve all your relationships

Meditation how can it improve relationships? This is really simple.


  • If you have stress in your relationship
  • If you are having a rocky time with your partner
  • If you wish to elevate your relationship to a harmonious level
  • If you wish to create an amazing relationship

Then read on and find out how to! It is I assure you incredibly simple.

As you likely know meditation benefits run far and wide. They impact on many levels of your wellbeing. Meditation benefits make crossovers into various part of your life as a knock on effect.

When you learn more about meditation and what is meditation you start to get a handle on this. You begin to have a deeper awareness of how your life is impacted by different things. By the things that you do, and things you cause to happen.

The more you meditate, the more you understand. The more you understand the deeper your awareness runs. You level this awareness to the point that you are comfortable with. Though as with the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. The rabbit hole goes very deep. Very deep indeed.

By just venturing in even a short way though. You gain deeper understanding as to the things around you. You feel the way different actions and thoughts impact situations.

You start to gain mastery over your circumstances.

All well and good you may say, though how does it affect your relationships?

Everything has a cause and an effect. Everything you do precipitates some kind of reaction. Shift your reactions, and what you cause shifts. Ever time you do something you would like a positive outcome right?

Well through meditating you can create more positive outcomes.

Imagine yourself inside your perfect relationship.

What are you like? How do you behave? What reaction does your behaviour bring? Likely you saw yourself as being a positive person. Getting positive reactions in return. Yet how often does it happen like this? How often would you like it to be like this?

With regular meditating you begin to make changes within yourself. Changes for the positive. As you meditate more you build up a cushion around you to negative things. The more you meditate, the bigger this cushion gets. When you meditate enough, very little can sway you from your positive state.

This has a massively positive effect on relationships.

When you are with your partner, friends, whoever, you have a positive energy about you. When the people around you get upset by something it is easy for you to remain calm and steady. In turn this leads to the negativity being dispelled quickly from situations. You can react from a point of support, instead of a point of defence or blame.

As you work to dispel situations. You find the person or people with you take your positive action kindly. They react positively to it too.

This means that you can create a deeper level of positivity within your relationships. In turn strengthening them. Making them more wholesome. Making them more enjoyable. Creating a richer experience with those that you care about.

If you wish to take this to an even higher level then meditate together. By doing so you can bring your vibration further in line. Putting you into a much more similar space. Enabling you to have a deeper understanding of each other. A deeper appreciation of each other.

If you are still wishing to clear off hurts from previous situations and relationships work with Ho’o Pono Pono, self love and heart chakra meditations. They will massively help you.

Work with visualisations of yourself enjoying your perfect relationship too. They will align your mind with the way you wish to be and aid you in creating it within physical existence.


  • Meditate to become calmer and more positive
  • Work with your calmness to strengthen and give support
  • Meditate together if possible
  • Clear hurts from previous situations
  • Work with guided meditation and visualisation to bring about your dreams

For more support and help with creating the life you wish to have check the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. All the resources provided on this site have been specially created. Specially created to aid you in achieving the life you wish for.

Check also the forum. Within the forum you can seek advice easily and share knowledge too.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations, the love you wish for and prosperity.


Stephen Frost

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