Meditation how can it help you stop bad things happening in your life?

by Master Meditation on February 3, 2012

Using the right meditation techniques can massive change the way you live and bring an abundance of good things to you

Using the right meditation techniques can massive change the way you live and bring an abundance of good things to you

Meditation really can help you turn your life around and improve, but how can it help you stop bad things happening in your life?


  • You always seem to have things going wrong
  • You always have bad luck, You have things upsetting your plans regularly
  • You never get the result you really wanted
  • You need things to start going well in your life

Then reading on through this, learning more about meditation and what is meditation, could see you massively changing how much you enjoy your life.

First imagine yourself leading your ideal life.

Now hold that image as you read on through. Because you can achieve it, and you are about to find out the first steps in how to make it happen.

Everything that happens to us in our lives is a product of things that we have done. They may be seemingly unconnected on the surface. On a deeper level though they are very much connected, often it can be difficult to see how though. This process is known as synchronicity and it goes through everything in your life. Everything you do connects up, and from there gives you the results you experience in your life.

You can change your life.

Every year on February 3rd in Japan there is a festival known as Setsubun. February 3rd is known as the day before spring in Japan and the festival is based on a very old tradition, and a ritual known as mememaki is performed on this day. Literally mamemaki means bean throwing, though what goes with it the interesting part. The beans are thrown to cast out misfortune and disease carrying deamons, like I said it’s an old tradition, and when the beans are thrown the words, Oni Wa Soto Fuku Wa Uchi, are said. The basic translation for this is, demons out good fortune in.

So why is this interesting?

People and thoughts have moved on a long way in the last few hundred years. Yet how many of us still have our own personal demons? The thought coming from mentioning setsubun is one about changing how you think and feel. You can throw beans and say the words if you like, what’s more important is what is actually happening on the inside though.

In performing this tradition sets a process going in the mind. A process that unconsciously sets out to banish negative events. The thought processes we work with on a daily level have a massive impact on our lives, especially on an unconscious level. So when there are negative thoughts running through the things you do, you end up drawing negative things to you like a magnet.

So when you set in motion a chain of thoughts that work on banishing those thoughts you begin to change your fortunes. You begin inviting in good fortune. You begin to bring in to existence the things that will enable you to live a fulfilling and happy life.

When you support this activity on a regular basis you reinforce it and make it much stronger. Though how strong can you make it? How well can you reinforce it?

By combining meditation with positive thinking and mindfulness you are able to create a thought process and state of mind which has incredible strength. We are talking Herculean strength here. Yes, really we are.

Through daily meditation, even if only for a few minutes, and focusing on good fortune being in your life you set up a strong magnet for those events coming to you. Creating visions so wonderful and so strong that you can have total faith and belief in them. By strong I do not mean massive, I mean things that you truly feel you can actually do. Results that you are capable of. Granted capabilities change. You can acquire skills and new ways of working. So when you set out in creating your visions think about that. What skills or changes would support you in achieving the life you seek? The life you wish and dream for?

If you wish to make this truly as strong as possible then work with the process of gratitude too. By combining meditation and gratitude you give further reinforcement to what you are doing. You are thanking the universe in advance for everything that you have set in motion. Truly, it does have a very positive impact. Also by working with and living in gratitude you will be amazed how good you feel on a daily basis.


  • Work with your visions for building the good wonderful life you seek
  • Work with building your faith and belief in them being reality
  • Work with gratitude for everything that is coming to you

Then you will find your life changing in amazing ways.

Now go and create the amazing life that you imagine.

For more support in helping you achieve your dreams check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. Everything that is there has been developed specifically to help you achieve the life you desire and deep down truly deserve to live and enjoy.

Also the meditation forum is open to help you. Within the meditation forum you can share wisdom and seek advice and guidance too.

Wherever you are and whatever you are seeking I wish you great prosperity and serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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