Meditation how can it help students achieve better grades?

by Master Meditation on January 17, 2012

Meditation can massively help Students, Workers and anyone else achieve better results.

Meditation can massively help Students, Workers and anyone else achieve better results.

I have been teaching meditation and about meditation as well as stress relief for a long time now. Recently I have been working with more and more students. Stress and students the two often go hand in hand for various reasons. But everyone gets stress right. Basically just about everything that is performance related.

So if: 

  • You are studying for exams
  • You have a high pressure job
  • You feel squeezed by the pressure to do more

Then this article can massively help you.

Stress gets in from the pressure generated by feeling a requirement to perform at a higher level. This pressure can come from parents, lecturers, bosses or even from yourself. Yes, regardless of whether we are students, workers or whatever, we can create appalling levels of stress from being hard on ourselves.

This pressure and the stress that results from it have a terrible affect on the mind. Many people say that they need stress to perform at their best. That is their own belief, and in reality comes from the fact that it is the best way they have found to operate. That said, there are other ways of working which likely most people have never tried, that can yield quantum leaps in performance.

Imagine yourself being able to work in totally relaxed way, whilst also being able to achieve far greater results than ever before.

Something that would create a far more enjoyable living for you right. Being able to work highly effectively, and in a relaxed way. Working stress free. Never needing to generate or feel heavy pressure as you can just focus and do what you have to. Easily and effortlessly.

So how do you do this?

Well, many people believe that stress can sharpen their mind. As such they look to create it in order to generate that edge. Effectively that edge comes from the adrenalin created by the stress. Over time this leads to fatigue though, something which dulls the mind considerably.

When you have adrenalin pumping around your body it is constantly on edge. It never truly gets the chance to rest. This causes negative effects over time. Neural activity becomes less effective, and mental processes dull. The tiredness which ensues due to lack of rest and relaxation causes questioning of any information that does come through.

As such you question your own knowledge and thought processes. Which leads to diminishing mental responses and performance. Knowledge that was once clear and absolute becomes clouded, even on things that you had excellent recall on. Fatigue sets up a conflict pattern within your mind that hazes things and blocks effective working patterns.

So how can you best get the edge without any of the downsides associated with an adrenalin crash and fatigue? Very simply by using meditation on a regular basis. Through cultivating a mind using meditation you are able to sidestep the negative aspects of stress. The unpleasant emotions that go with it, as well as the negative impact it has on health. Whilst at the same time increasing your focus and ability to concentrate and output.

Moreover you see clearer and can achieve memory recall in a highly effective manner.

Meditation enhances your mind in a number of ways. The relaxation brings with it a deeper acceptance and surety of the information coming through. Because the information comes in a calm and clear fashion. The mind accepts this knowledge as it comes easily, efficiently and cleanly. So the absence of duress brings clarity.

On top of this regular meditation enhances neural pathways and their effectiveness. With regular meditation your neural pathways strengthen as you get to know your own mind better. It’s like when you go to a new town or city. When you first arrive you have difficulty finding what you need. Over time you get to know the place better and you relax more. When this happens you can find your way around easily and effortlessly.

The same is true for your mind.

When you buy into building a more effective mind, when you buy into how easily you can improve your own mind you move streets ahead.

When you take time getting to know your own mind you are able to navigate it easily. You can recall things easily because the pathways are known and simple to navigate. You instinctively know where everything is and so you stop having to search. Effectively you say to yourself “I know where that is” and just go get it, the searching stops.

So how can you set about creating this kind of enhanced brain patterning? Regular meditation is the way to go. Even if just for a few minutes each day. There are of course many different way that you can meditate, working through zazen or zen meditation is an excellent way to increase this rapport with your mind, with the side benefit that you clear away excess and unwanted thoughts. Something which further increases efficiency.

Zazen requires mental discipline, as such when starting out can be a challenge for some people. So if you wish to do things in an easier way then working with guided meditation is a good route forward. In using guided meditation you are still working with your neural pathways and improving them, yet it can be more relaxed and you are free from any pressure. You just relax with the guidance and flow with the words.

Guided meditation will also aid you with stress relief too.

So at times when you feel stress or pressure, taking time with a guided meditation will improve your overall outlook. It will aid your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical restoration. Guided meditation helps to build you up stronger and make you more effective.

Building an effective and efficient mind is easy. All that is required is the commitment to do it. A decision, taking the time to actually do it and the use of whatever resources you require for the meditation you wish to do. If you have a meditation space great, incense is good too, and it can all be simple and easy.

So through meditation:

  • You can achieve greater results
  • You can improve your memory function
  • You can improve your memory recall
  • You can achieve fantastic stress relief
  • You can work effectively from a point of relaxation

The resources within this site in the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections have been designed to help you with this. So if you really wish to be more effective and achieve more in your life then check them out and start working with what is going to be best for you.

Also the meditation forum is there to help you. Within the meditation forum you can get advice and wisdom that will aid you with moving to more effective heights with your meditation.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing or studying I wish you great prosperity, amazing results and serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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