Meditation how can it bring you happiness all the time?

by Master Meditation on January 20, 2012

Meditation can bring you happiness

Meditation can bring you happiness

Meditation can bring great happiness, though how can it make you happy all the time?


  • You cycle through bouts of depression
  • You struggle to stay positive all the time
  • You find yourself being knocked down low by others regularly

Then this is something you should definitely give yourself time to read through.

Happiness as with all emotions comes from a state of mind. The more you learn about meditation and what is meditation the more you come to understand just how you can influence your own state of mind.

That and how easily you can alter your own state of mind.

You work constantly through a set of different filters and programs in your mind. All on an unconscious level. Processes that very few people are ever aware of. Yet we all run through them in our minds.

Every time something happens the fresh information updates into our minds. When it arrives in your mind you process it. Much like your TV receiving a signal, the signal comes in, is processed and then the picture changes in line with the signal. Your mind does a few more things on top of this though.

Your mind decides what information is important, and then applies various factors to it. It contrasts it against similar things that have happened to you, as well as other past experiences. It also checks it against your values and beliefs. As well as shaping the information into a form that is easily comprehensible to you. This could mean that certain information is distorted, deleted or generalised. Then it is passed to you consciously.

On an unconscious level you also decide how you feel about it.

That part is very important. You always make a decision about how you feel about something. The majority of the time that decision is unconscious. The recognition of this point and acceptance of it opens you up to new choices.

When you understand that you have an element of control over your emotions, you can begin working to change how they influence you.

You can interrupt the pattern of negative emotion, you can alter the way you feel about things.

Every time you have a negative emotion associate with an event, you can pause. Pause and think. Evaluate. Is this the way you wish to be?

If you wish to live differently then you can choose to overwrite that feeling. Granted for some this can be easier than others initially. What counts is actually committing to working on this level.

When you choose to work in this way you commit to massively transforming your life.

You buy in to enjoying your life more fully.

Every time you shift from feeling negative to feeling neutral, or even to feeling positive about something you shift you life to a greater level of fulfilment. As the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. It is totally true. Granted on first viewing of a situation that silver lining may be tricky to see. Though it is definitely there.

A long time ago I went through what at the time was really upsetting. An accident which led me to having to withdraw from my chosen career. A career I had spent my entire life working towards. As such it was really upsetting. At the time I knew none of what I knew now in terms of meditation and the mind. It was only far later that I was able to see the silver lining to that situation and how going through it was actually a positive. Yeah for sure it was painful physically, though I can now look back on it and say I am glad that happened.

The learning from that along with my learning from meditation has led me to react very differently in negative situations now. I now know that there is always a positive to come from everything that happens.

When you take that knowledge and add it to meditation you gain a winning combination.

By taking thoughts of your happiest state into meditation you can build a strong connection to them. Basically the more you work with those states in your mind the more they become a part of your life. You begin to live them more and more on a daily basis. You manifest those feelings into being a regular part of your life.

What makes you happiest? Just imagine now.

When you imagine yourself in that amazing state you buy into living that way. You buy into feeling greater joy everyday. Bring that feeling into your mind. Hold it. Enjoy it. Make it stronger. Feel it flowing through you. How amazing doe that feel?!

This is a kind of meditation that you can do at any time and in any place. Just sitting on the train, in the car, at work, wherever. As you read this now, just recall wonderful states of happiness, and allow the happiness to fill you. Visualise yourself being happy and enjoying yourself, naturally you smile more the more you do this. It is easy.

You then are able to carry this joy through as long as you wish to.

All it takes is the gentle reminder inside your own mind to get back in touch with that state and those feelings.


  • Bring thoughts of a positive state into your mind
  • Hold those thoughts in your mind
  • Draw them into your mind whenever you need them
  • Just make the decision to be happy when you want to

Working with ho’o pono pono, Ha breathing, om meditation, self love meditation, zazen and other meditation techniques will also aid you with welcoming happiness further into your life in an amazing way.

For additional help go to the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. The resources there have been developed especially to aid you in living a joyful life.

The meditation forum is also a good source of wisdom. The meditation forum is open to all and answers can be sought openly in a friendly environment.

Wherever you are I wish you great happiness, prosperity and serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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