Meditation How Can It Aid You With Better Multitasking?

by Master Meditation on February 24, 2012

Using certain meditation techniques will see you being far more successful with multitasking and anything you set your mind to

Using certain meditation techniques will see you being far more successful with multitasking and anything you set your mind to

Meditation can aid you to improve many things in your life. By improving neural function in various ways you can massively increase your efficiency when multitasking.


  • You have difficulty concentrating on more than one thing
  • You find your quality of output diminishing when doing multiple things
  • You struggle to keep track of everything going on around you
  • You wish you could do more things than you have been

Then working with some very simple meditation exercises in the way shown below will have you on the way to achieving the results you want in a short time.

When you are working on anything, you hold your focus on it as well as other things that your mind feels are important to you. In itself this is far from a bad thing. Your mind brings things to your attention for your own good. It does this to highlight things that you need to address or work on.

At times though it can create issues. If you are merrily working away on something and you have distractions from unimportant and or negative thoughts coming through you can end up with your performance massively affected.

So a big step is creating a calmness within your mind.

When you create calmness on a spiritual, mental and emotional level then it flows through to your physical level too. This calmness creates a stronger more supportive atmosphere due to the absence of negative distractions. Clearing away old negative emotions that no longer serve any purpose other than getting you down is a positive step to take. Once they have cleared, your mind becomes free to focus energy effectively on the results that you have been seeking.

As such giving you a big boost in efficiency when multitasking.

By maintaining this positive energy you also draw positive results to you via connecting more effectively via the law of attraction. Another massive bonus.

On top of this working with visualisations of success puts you further ahead again.

Anxiety is a strange emotion that various people suffer from. Strange because it is based on imagination rather than actual events. For what reason would you ever wish to imagine things happening anything less than totally successfully? If you think something will go badly then that is what you are going to draw to yourself unconsciously.

So creating positive images of successful completion of your goals will see you moving streets ahead.

When you give yourself time to do this the best thing you can do is go into your meditation space. Within your meditation space you can utilise the quiet and calmness to enable you to focus on creating stronger imagery. Of course at times you may wish or need to do this somewhere else, maybe at work, on a train or a plane. You can do it in the car too, however if you are driving then please keep your eyes open and concentrate on what is going on, yes multitasking!!

Before you go inside yourself to create the imagery of the success you seek, take some time for Ha breathing, if you have the time that is. By building up energy through Ha breathing and then focusing that energy into your imagery you will actually create a stronger pull for success. The longer you can Ha breathe the better.

Then close your eyes and imagine.

Build the image of yourself successfully completing whatever tasks you are setting out to do. Work through the pictures and visuals. Add in the feelings of achieving these things easily and successfully. The sounds you hear on completion too, add them in. All experienced in first person.

Make the imagery as real as possible in your mind.

Then snap out and see it all from a third person view. View yourself there, enjoying and being successful in the completion of whatever you have set yourself to do.

This will set you up on route for achieving whatever you want. Multitasking through and doing so effectively. More effectively than you ever have done before.

The more you work with these exercises the more you will find your focus improving along with your mental ability and your ability to create the successes that you desire.

You have a natural birth rite to be successful at whatever you wish to be in life. All you have to do is believe it and decide to enjoy those successes.


  1. Clear your mind of negative emotions
  2. Create a calm peaceful mind
  3. Give yourself time to create images of success in your mind

Then set out and do what you have focused on and enjoy the success when it comes to you.

This is an incredibly good combination of techniques that I use constantly. The results they have brought me have been fantastic. At time I do add additionally techniques on top in order to create stronger greater results.

Some of these techniques and meditations can be found in the guided meditationchakra meditationmeditation ebooks and resources sections. Adding the various meditation techniques and applying them properly wherever you need them will see you enjoying far greater successes than you have done so before.

Also the meditation forum is there to help you out. Within the meditation forum you can gain access to and share the wisdom you have or need.

Wherever you are I wish you great joy in your successes, prosperity and of course serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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