Meditation For Stress Relief

by Master Meditation on July 15, 2011

Meditation is excellent for stress relief

Meditation is excellent for stress relief

Meditation is an excellent aid for stress relief. It has been used and acclaimed by many for this reason for many many years. Though as yet it still confounds a large number of medical doctors who have been unable to pin a reason as to why it relieves stress so well. That said growing numbers of doctors and medical practitioners are recommending meditating as a way to reduce stress and improve mental health. When stressed or feeling blue it is important to alleviate the feeling as quickly as possible. Holding negative feelings and emotions for too long can have serious long term consequences.

Stress relief and relaxation guided meditations

Meditation is wonderful for stress relief as you can shift your mind to a totally different place. When first starting to meditate many people have stress relief as a motivation. Small wonder due to the reputation meditation has engendered over thousands of years for improving peoples lives. With meditation the practitioner learns to alter the way their mind works. To change the focus of thoughts and what happens within their mind. Also to change the way in which they react to various things. Most people just react to negative events in a negative way. Though with practice it is possible to change this. It becomes possible through meditating to actually alter the way you react to different stimuli. You can influence what you do in different situations. Thus how you feel as a result, something that massively helps with long term stress relief. Largely because you can alter the way the root cause of stress affects you. You can shift it to a focus of learning, a short term highlight on certain events, or do something else with it. Basically the causes stop governing your life, you begin to govern the causes.

Stress relief initially comes largely from shift the thoughts within your mind. Clearing them out and actually giving yourself a calmer more peaceful mind. Sounds easy, and in many ways it is. All you have to do is learn how to do it. As with all things in life, the more you practice the simpler and easier they become. This holds as very much true for meditation, hence the reason people are said to practice meditation and be meditation practitioners. Depending on your reason for meditating you can spend a great deal of time becoming and excellent practitioner. Though when choosing to meditate for stress relief you can get good results very quickly. The speed with which your thoughts can be influenced and shifted can be very rapid indeed.

The key the obtaining stress relief with meditation comes from simplicity. Doing complicated things can cause frustration and further stress. When you keep things simple it is easier to remove stress from a situation. So you want something which is simple, clears the chaos of thoughts from your mind, and allows you to feel at peace. This is something that is actually very easy to achieve. A simple meditation for stress relief involves a candle at eye level as a point of focus and somewhere comfortable, ideally a meditation space. You place the candle at eye level, then move to a comfortable seated position and focus on the point of the flame. As thoughts come into your mind just thank your unconscious mind from bringing them to your attention and then release them into the flame. Gratitude is important as you wish to gain better rapport with your unconscious mind. The longer you can do this for the more relaxed you will find yourself becoming, calmer and more at ease. You can do this for as long as you wish. If you wish to only do a few minutes at first then that is fine. Over time you can build up to longer meditations if you wish to.

Another good addition and technique for stress relief is a breathing technique called Ha breathing. Ha Breathing is a Huna breathing technique. It is good for many things and stress relief is most definitely one of them. Doing a few minutes of Ha breathing before meditating can help get you into an even more relaxed mood before you meditate. As such giving extra power to your stress relief meditation. Helping you to feel more at peace and more relaxed. Truly a great thing.

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Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations and happiness.



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