Meditation For Revitalisation

by Master Meditation on July 5, 2010

Meditation for Revitalisation, working with a Body Cleanse for amazing results

Meditation for Revitalisation, working with a Body Cleanse for amazing results

Meditation works incredibly well for revitalisation of the mind, body and spirit. Many people use is purely for their mind or spirit, though it also works incredibly well for the body. With many things that can affect your physical health in a positive way. The stress relief gained from meditating provides an incredibly good boost for physical health and more is achievable on top of this.

When working on revitalisation of mind, body and spirit it is exceptionally beneficial to perform a body cleanse. Totally working through your body with high quality nutrition, protein, and additional elements that clear your system. Detoxification on this level with full body cleanse leaves you with a body that is more open to operating effectively and helping to bring you the results you wish for. Having a healthy body is a very powerful thing, and being in good health has many benefits through all areas of your life.

When you are working on revitalising your body and performing a body cleanse, there are things you can do to cleanse your mind and work through meditation for greater results in holistic revitalisation of your self. Again a good place to begin is performing breathing techniques. By selecting the right ones you can energise your system, allowing for more rapid healing, plus detoxify your energies meaning that the healing is more effective. The breathing techniques also benefit your meditation practice by taking your mind, body and spirit into a calmer space before you even begin your meditation. For this I would suggest Nadi Shudhi Pranayama and perform it for 10 to 20 minutes or more, depending on how you feel, prior to your meditation.

Again this should all be done in your meditation space where you can do it calmly and in total peace, with whatever healing incense and calming music you feel is appropriate, all of which is widely available through the US, UK, Japan and many other places. After performing the breathing exercise ensure you are in a comfortable lying or sitting position, then close your eyes. Allow yourself to drift off into meditation, drifting deeply into relaxation and going deeply within your body. Feel each cell inside you, every cell that combines to make up your being. As you feel them, scan through and become aware of any areas of discomfort or dis-ease. Once you have scanned through your body allow yourself to feel healing energy flow through you. Coming in through the top of your head and cascading down through your body, naturally being drawn to where it is needed before flowing out through your feet and hands. Feel the energy cleansing the areas that require attention, bathing them in wonderful healing, feeling as comfort and wellbeing returns to you. Hold this feeling and keep allowing the energy to flow through you for as long as is necessary.

Once you have bathed all the areas that required healing allow the energy to keep flowing and scan through your spirit and mind for areas of discomfort and dis-ease, once you know them allow the energy to work on healing those areas too. Feel the energy flow through your mind and spirit, nourishing you with the spiritual healing you require, taking you to a higher point of wellbeing and freedom. Once all the areas are cleared and you feel it is the right time, then allow the energy flow to naturally subside. Then take a moment before you come out of meditation and give gratitude to the universe for the healing you have just received.

This meditation can by people at any level of ability from those learning how to meditate to advanced meditation practitioners and works incredibly well for many things, for keeping in good condition and for aiding healing and recovery from illness. Though please do seek medical attention for serious conditions and perform this in addition to improve your healing and recovery.

Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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