Meditation for releasing stress and living free

by Master Meditation on January 25, 2010

Mastering Meditation to reduce stress and live a more relaxed life

Mastering Meditation for stress relief and living a more relaxed life

How people cope and take themselves through times of stress and strife creates a huge defining element within their lives. Often people just sadly fold up and fail to cope at all, instead of taking action and working with the variety of techniques available they seemingly just surrender and become overwhelmed. Though when faced with stress and troubled times there is much that can be done, especially when your mind is open to meditation. Taking time out to meditate is an excellent way to calm your heart and mind, the meditation you do truly aids you to free yourself of any stress in your life.

Meditation as a focal point for stress relief creates a powerful place to work from. Firstly by clearing your mind effectively you reduce the chatter that is present allowing elements of stress to subside, by then expanding out the clearing you can create a calmer mind for yourself that is able to look upon situations with greater clarity. The clarity and calmness achieved through meditation in turn can be harnessed to find more effective solutions to mitigate the causes of stress, attaining you greater levels of stress relief. Of course if you really want to take it to the core you can put yourself at cause for everything in your life and then work out the purpose and reasons for creating each stressful situation in your life.

Whatever level you decide to take things to and admittedly with time the deeper you meditate the more effectively you can resolve things, however in the mean time if you are just learning how to meditate then the initial clearing is certainly to be of benefit. To begin clearing your mind is relatively easy, each time a thought comes into your mind just thank you mind for bringing it to your attention and then cast the thought out. When you first start off you will likely find a lot of thoughts coming through, especially if you are stressed. With time and practice you will be able to induce a blankness within your mind, this blankness is what is going to yield the calmness and freedom from stress that you seek. Also it can bring a profound sense of contentment and bliss, as such effectively taking you way beyond stress and giving you an opportunity to achieve true freedom in your life.

When first you begin to follow this method of meditation it is best to find a really quiet place to meditate in, such as the meditation space you have hopefully set up, though as time goes on and your practice improves you should be able to meditate like this anywhere. The reasons for this are largely obvious, when you are learning meditation any sounds or background happenings just serve to distract and frustrate, hence a quiet out of the way meditation space being good.

If whilst learning you wish to adapt this by using soothing music and/or incense in order to further aid the calming of your mind then that is totally ok. As a point of note on each of those things though, pick music and incense which is free from any associations in your mind and is going to aid relaxation. Music especially should be free from lyrics, due to the fact that they will just precipitate other thoughts coming into your mind. In general though do what feels good for you there are plenty of meditation products available in the UK, US and the rest of the world that can aid you, so take it easy and above all relax with it. Wishing you as always beautiful meditations, Namaste!


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beverly hunt March 28, 2010 at 3:52 pm

thanks for some good common sense tools on how to meditate.

Master Meditation March 28, 2010 at 11:48 pm

Hi Beverly,

Thank you for such a lovely compliment, it is always good to get such wonderful feedback. 🙂

As you enjoyed this post I have a feeling you may well enjoy the one I have just posted I trust it gives you some more solid grounding for how to enjoy meditation easily and on a daily basis.



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