Meditation For Personal Change

by Master Meditation on April 12, 2011

Meditation is incredibly good for personal change, follow the guided meditation below for amazing results.

Meditation is incredibly good for personal change, follow the guided meditation below for amazing results.

Meditation is an excellent method for achieving personal change. When working on personal change you are creating new neural pathways that allow you to maintain new behaviours and skills. Working with meditation gives you a greater ability to actually install these new neural pathways in a very successful manner. Plus to then reinforce and strengthen them, thus meaning that you can achieve what you want more easily.

When you think about doing any kind of personal change it is important to be as specific as is possible, get really detailed about what you want to change and how you want things to be. By achieving a high level of detail, or as high as is important to you, you can be more assured of the success that you seek.

If you leave things to loose and unspecific then you will fail to get the manner of change that you desire. You give your unconscious mind nothing of substance to work with, and as a result it will give you little or nothing in return. When you give it substance, direction and something tangible to work with, then you can get strong results. You move into a realm where you can pull greater results from your unconscious. So if you really want effective personal change take a seat, put pen to paper and imagine how you will be after whatever change it is that you seek. Also you should phrase everything as if now, i.e. in present tense, describe yourself as if you have made that change already and are enjoying it.

Make sure you build up a strong picture, with visuals, things you will hear, the way you will feel, and whatever else you can think. Set about creating the reality of how you will experience the world once you have achieved the change. Work without a time limit, yet be aware that this should be done in a timely manner. Take too long and you will never make any change, too little time and you will miss out on other improvements and fine points of adjustment that create success. You are the only person who can judge when you are ready and when you have built the profile that will redefine you.

Once you have this set out you should read through it 10 times, learn it and know it well. If you think of anything new or anything to change then adjust and read again. Once you are totally happy and have been able to read it through 10 times without wishing to make any changes you are ready for the next part.

So go to your meditation space. Prepare it with candles, incense, gentle music, whatever you feel is going to support the atmosphere for the change you wish to make. Everything you need is widely available throughout the US, UK and the rest of the world. So set things up in a way that best assures you of success. Ensure you do a really good body cleanse before doing your meditation, ideally an internal body cleanse as well as external as this will help to shift your body and mind into the optimum state for change. Once you have set things up in a way that you are happy with you should settle into your meditation space comfortably in a seated position. Then read your writing aloud another five times, at a whisper is ok if lots of people are around. Then pulling the reading into your mind and cycling through it begin Ha breathing for 5 minutes, all the time thinking about what you have written, allowing the words to move around inside you mind. Allow the energy you build from your Ha breathing to flow into your mind as well. Then having completed the Ha breathing, close your eyes and allow yourself to drift deep down into your meditation. As you meditate allow the words describing how are are going to be to move around inside your head. As you flow deeper into your meditation see, hear and feel yourself as you are having made those changes. Take time to experience how you are having made those changes in your life. Travel through different situations and enjoying seeing how successful you are and how easily you can do the things you wish to now. Allow yourself to feel the joy within this meditation, as meditating in this way truly effects string change. Take a good length of time, shifting through many perspectives as you notice how different and how much more enjoyable life is. Work through the meditation seeing through your own eyes and also looking upon yourself from outside. By seeing through your own eyes and from outside within meditation you build up a stronger impression and image to work with inside you mind, something your unconscious can really work with. Having allowed yourself to go through many situations slowly come back into consciousness, gently and holding onto the joy you felt. Before opening your eyes take time to show gratitude and thank your unconscious mind for the assistance and helping you to live your life in the way you wish to live.

Be gentle with yourself after your meditation, allow yourself some time to relax, and do things which support the change you have set in motion. Feel free to repeat the meditation if you wish to.

Wherever you are and whatever you are seeking I wish you good fortune and serene meditations.



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thank you

Master Meditation August 19, 2011 at 3:02 pm

My pleasure! Thank you for the positive feedback!



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