Meditation For New Moon

by Master Meditation on December 6, 2010

Meditation at New Moon can be very powerful if you wish to manifest your dreams into reality

Meditation at New Moon can be very powerful if you wish to manifest your dreams into reality

Meditation can of course be done any time, around new moon is a good time to meditate on new projects and other things that are beginning. It is a time of fertile energy, so the thoughts you carry into your meditation can be powerfully added to the fertile nature of energy at this time. Knowing the right way to tap into this energy and how to meditate with it is important if you wish to achieve good results though.

Throughout the ages new moon has always been a time of freshness and beginnings, planting things at this time can produce a greater harvest when done properly, the same goes for thoughts. Somewhat like early spring in the year, it is the time to sow seeds for good growth. Clarity over what you wish to achieve is vital. The clearer your thoughts and intention the more successful you will be in reaping your desired outcome. So prior to meditating you should spend time with pen and paper if necessary, working out the specifics of exactly what you wish to achieve and what energies you want to work with or bring into your life.

Be very careful when doing this and always phrase in the positive. Negatives will just draw you away from success and what you seek. Always think toward what you wish rather than away from things you seek to escape, and use positive language. Once you have the clarity and specifics you can take the seeds deep by meditating and plant them in fertile energies that aid success. Having done this on many occasions I can very happily report how well this works, seeds of intention planted during times of fertile energy within meditation have deep roots and manifest great success.

As always the best place to perform this meditation is within your meditation space. A clear peaceful space where you can meditate deeply, and free of disturbance. A place of sanctuary and clarity for you. Ensure the area is clean and clear itself, and ideally that you are clean too. A good body cleanse internally and clean body externally will bring you the best results. Once you feel that your owns energy is clean and in good order then prepare your meditation space, incense and gentle music if you wish along with candles, these things are easily available in the US, UK, Japan and many parts of the world. Once your meditation space is set and ready get into a comfortable seated position, and close your eyes. Then begin Ha breathing, if you are just starting then perhaps 10 Ha breaths, if you have done so for longer then maybe five to ten minutes or longer as you feel is right. Doing this breathing will aid you to go into a deeper meditation, whilst also building up energy to plant your thoughts more effectively. As you Ha breathe focus your mind on your solar plexus, the seat of your will and a good location to store energy. Having taken yourself deeper and stored the energy allow your mind to drift, and feel yourself drift deep, deep down as if through the ocean. Totally safe, totally at ease. Down into the ether, down where it is dark and there is little light. Down into the realm of pure potential. Once you are as deep as you feel is right for you to go, hold and bring to mind the object of your focus, that which you wish to achieve. Allow your mind to go over and through it in every detail, and when you feel ready allow the thought to move from your mind into the ether. Plant it there using the energy you built up during the Ha breathing. Plant it lovingly and carefully, with the intention of the energy nurturing it and aiding it to sprout forth strongly. Then allow it to drift completely from you mind. In essence once you have planted it do your best to forget it. Then allow is to grow naturally and enjoy the fruits once it has come of age so to speak. Of course when coming up and out from your meditation it is a great idea to give gratitude. Showing gratitude to the ether and the universe when you are coming out of your meditation is important, the universe is helping you here, being thankful is right to do.

As always I wish you great success and beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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