Meditation for Lunar New Year

by Master Meditation on February 3, 2011

Meditation for Manifestation at Chinese or Lunar New Year is a powerful thing to do.

Meditation for Manifestation at Chinese or Lunar New Year is a powerful thing to do.

Meditation is a potent thing today. Today is Chinese New Year and we are moving into the year of the Rabbit, the luckiest sign within Chinese astrology and a potent manifestation force to work with. With the new moon and lunar new year we are at a point when the energies you wish to take into a meditation can carry great energy forward. If you are looking to manifest anything for this year then this is probably one of the best times to do it! Be careful when meditating on what you wish to manifest though, seeds planted now will grow strong and bring the fruit you seek, so be totally sure about what you want in ever detail before doing any meditation on it.

With the calmness of energy that is present today you should easily be able to take time to sit and think through the things you wish to bring about, you may have already done so prior to new year. Just give yourself time to review where you are going, and the specifics of what you wish to bring into your world. How you get there is unimportant, the universe can create a multitude of different ways that things can happen. Just be sure in every detail of what you want, the more specific you can be the better and never leave out what may seem obvious to you, if you never ask for it then it may never come. The universe does provide what people seek, though sometimes they may have failed to ask the right questions and ignored what was going on subconsciously, be sure and be thorough about anything you seek to achieve. So get into your meditation space where it is quiet and you can remain uninterrupted.

Once you have all the details set out you can move into meditation. Good aromas to work with here are things like cinnamon, other spices can be good to if they bring and energy of fire. This is because fire is the energy of universal creation, taking it into a meditation where you are doing manifestation work is a potent thing to do. Make sure you get the atmosphere just right, if you feel you need candles then use them or whatever else you may require. Then get yourself into a comfortable seated position, and start Ha breathing. Do at least 10 Ha breaths, though if you are practiced in the Ha breathing technique and the time then do so for as long as you feel is right. Once you have built up energy keep your eyes closed and recall your plans and desires for the year or however long to your your mind. Put them into pictures and turn them into seeds. Then drift downwards, deep deep down into the field of pure potential, swim down through it, into the darkest realms of creative energy that you can go. Once you are there rest for a while, allow your body mind and soul to become accustomed to the place and feel good there. Keeping strong thoughts of success and achievement in your mind as you continue your meditation here, bring each seed into your mind one by one. Nourish them with energy from your earlier Ha breathing, treat them with love and nurturing care, then one by by one plant them in the field of pure potential. The place where they can grow in the energy of universal creation at its best and strongest. The things grown here turn into powerful realisations within life itself, though only when they are of good benefit to all concerned, so make sure they are good for everyone. Having sowed the seeds just hold here in your meditation for a short time. Allow yourself to survey the sight of this new garden of wonder you have just planted, knowing full well the beautiful fruits that are going to spring forth from the seeds you have sown. Then with strong feelings of joy inside allow yourself to drift back up within your meditation, back into the here and now, and back into the room. Pausing for a moment again, this time to give gratitude to the universe for the aid it is yielding to you.

Having planted your seeds, leave them well alone to grow strong. Nurture them by taking action when the right opportunities arise, and staying true to the things you seek.

Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations and a wonderful lunar new year! Namaste.


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