Meditation For Improved Performance

by Master Meditation on November 29, 2010

Through meditation and mind power you can improve neural pathways that give improved performance and generate the success you seek

Through meditation and mind power you can improve neural pathways that give improved performance and generate the success you seek

Meditation can massively help with improved performance. Most people believe that improving performance is a matter of practicing the same thing time and again. Though if you meditate on what you are wanting to achieve you can improve your results faster. If you practice too much stress levels rise, and that is bad. So the meditation benefits in a number of ways.

Firstly meditation helps you to remain calm and focused, whilst also dissipating any stress that might be present. Stress relief is massively important for success. Also the meditation you do to achieve your goal builds greater neural pathways, making the signals get to the right places more efficiently. Whatever you are planning or working on you build neural pathways in your mind that move the electrical impulses around and direct them to where changes and movements need to be made. So by creating a focus on creating better neural pathways within meditation you can get yourself ahead of the curve and closer to success. By enhancing your mind power you massively increase your opportunity for success.

Practice is still important, and using meditation is a great way to augment that practice and improve the results you get from it. Plus of course through training your mind to be clearer and more easily focused you can improve the productivity of the time you spend practicing. With the reduction in stress from the emotional release you get during meditation you can hold your focus more easily too. Then with the improved action from your neural pathways your practice moves to a much higher level.

So how do you set about this? Well that is the easy bit really. Ideally use your meditation space, though anywhere quiet that you can remain undisturbed will do. Should you wish to use incense to aid your relaxation and focus then there are plenty of options available throughout the US, UK, Japan and majority of the world. Having set your environment up as you feel is right get into a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes and take ten good Ha breaths, focus on your solar plexus in your mind in order to build the energy there. Clear your mind and allow yourself to relax completely. Then bring to mind what it is you wish to improve, be that sports related, work, social, whatever. Picture yourself successfully completing whatever task it is you are seeking success with. Look through your own eyes as you go through all the motions of doing the activity perfectly. Go through the activity five times in your mind, slowly at first, then getting faster and faster until it is almost a blur. Then move within you mind and watch yourself successfully completing the task, again watch yourself completing it five times. Whilst you are doing this it is important for you to remain relaxed within the meditation. If you feel yourself becoming anything other than relaxed, though happy is ok, then pause and bring your state back to relaxation. As you work through and meditate in this way you will notice that the task completion becomes easier in your mind. Having visualised yourself completing the task successfully, start to hear the sounds and feel what it is like being successful with this. Practice again five times from inside your body and five times looking at yourself, seeing, hearing and feeling. Having done this pause, allow yourself to ease into total relaxation again and allow everything to leave your mind. Allow all feelings to dissipate and just feel clear of all concerns and thoughts. Just go into pure relaxation for a few moments, then when it feels right, give gratitude and allow yourself to come out of the meditation.

Through doing this on a regular basis in connection with normal training you will find your results improving well and technique getting better.

Wherever you are and whatever you are working on I wish you success and beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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