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by Master Meditation on May 10, 2010

Meditation and spiritual healing your heart and heart chakra are very important to having a healthy relationship

Meditation and spiritual healing your heart and heart chakra are very important to having a healthy relationship

Meditation for healing or strengthening your heart chakra is very important. Sadly broken hearts and heart ache are very common these days, and very few people ever really do anything to heal them. Many people say that time is the greatest healer, well sadly this is far from the whole truth. Whilst over the passage of time things may appear or seem easier, it is only if we actually take some action to heal ourselves that anything actually improves.

With the transient nature of many societies around the world now many people move into and out of relationships relatively easily, often taking unresolved issues with them. Those who form relationships seldom get faced with similar issues, because they form deep bonds with a partner it can be all the more heartbreaking when a relationship breaks down. Granted the best thing for the heart is never to be broken, to remain intact and inside a loving relationship which is cherished. For a lucky few this happens, for others something must be done to achieve the healing required to allow a good relationship to arise again in the future.

When taking time to heal your heart and give it the spiritual healing that it needs you may well find that waves of emotion surface from deep down, when this happens acknowledge them, often they can form part of the healing process. There are some techniques out there that negate the experience of that emotion, they are a different matter though.
So what should you do when seeking healing for your heart chakra. Well initial thing as always is to go into your meditation space, or a place that you know will work well for you with this exercise. Once there if you wish to use incense or gentle music please do as these things are widely available through the US, UK and the majority of the world. Though ensure you can focus and remain free of disturbance during your meditation. Get yourself into a comfortable seated position for this, either on a chair, cross legged or in lotus position on the floor. Then close your eyes and begin Ha breathing, as you do this focus your attention on to your heart so that the energy flows there. The longer you can meditate and do this the better, though for those just starting out perhaps 40 breaths, whilst ten or more minutes would be good for those with a bit of practice. Once you have completed that then with your eyes closed and your hands in focus position with your wrists on your knees, call to mind all the things which have caused you to feel hurt at your heart. Images will come to you during this meditation, acknowledge them and sending healing out to the person from whom you felt the hurt, whilst at the same time acknowledging the lesson you needed to learn. Once you have fulfilled this part of the meditation and the images have stopped, take a further twenty Ha breaths, then move your hands to prayer position over your heart chakra. The next step is to acknowledge your heart centre, give it love, and direct energy from your Ha breathing to heal it. Call to the universal consciousness for aid with the healing and begin to feel the waves wash over it and you. Having sent healing out the universe will reciprocate and bring healing back to you, provided you have been able to do so with a clear attitude of forgiveness and compassion. See your heart begin to blossom, the bud slowly opening and a beautiful bright flower opening freshly to the world. The old petals and leaves having fallen away, allowing the new foliage to flourish. As it flourishes, goddesses come forth to nurture the new growth, pouring nectar to the roots and sunlight to the leaves. The new flower becoming more and more beautiful, becoming more receptive to real love with every passing moment.

The longer you can maintain this meditation the better, likewise if you are repeating it you will clear more and feel freer and more open to being able to enjoy a good relationship when the opportunity arises. Equally on this point, if you are experiencing pain within an existing relationship then it is a good meditation to do. The happier and more loving you are, the more you are likely to attract back to you, so it is especially good during troubled times if you wish to keep the relationship together. At times admittedly people need to come together for certain periods of time before moving on, for karmic and other reasons, again largely for healing and resolving past life issues. To keep your heart as clean as possible give you the best chance for a good relationship though.

I strongly recommend doing a heart chakra meditation on a regular basis, the benefits are massive. Have a look at the meditation ebooks and resources section to find guided meditations and other things that will help you.

Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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