Meditation for Guidance

by Master Meditation on May 11, 2011

Meditation is great when you need guidance at various times in life.

Meditation is great when you need guidance at various times in life.

Meditation is great for helping you in times when you need guidance. Most often people seek guidance from outside, going to other people to ask what they should do. Often getting lots of conflicting advice from various different people. Something that is less than good when you are seeking clarity on an issue. What would be great would be to get the strong message that provides the information and knowledge you need. Well if you meditate in the right way you can get that.

Inside of us, deep within our mind, we all have the answers we need. The trick is getting those answers out so that we can work with them easily and effectively. The only reasons people seek other peoples view is because they are unaware of how to find their own answers, that and that they lack faith in their own judgement.

So how do we get these answers? Well what you do is connect with the part of you that is located in the spiritual realm. The part that has a link into everything, and has the ability to access all the knowledge that you could ever need. To do so you need to allow yourself to relax enough that your conscious mind can work in unison with your unconscious easily. Something that meditating is great for. From there your unconscious mind connects with your higher self. Then you get the answers that you are seeking.

When you take yourself into this meditative state calm and peace are the priority for feeling. Getting yourself into a place where you can move past emotion, and have pure thought without attachment of feeling. There are many reasons for this, including that sometimes the best course you can follow in a situation is the one that you least wish to take. To move beyond the emotion that restricts your action can release you into a beautiful new world where things are much smoother. Some steps can seem difficult at first, though they can open up gates and doors to a more rewarding and fulfilling life. When you move beyond that which you can see, into the realm of the previously unknown, you can fathom those depths and find new rewarding direction.

Your meditation space is the best place to go initially. Within your meditation space you can easily achieve the calm and peace that allow you to achieve the connection required. With time and practice you will be able to achieve this connection easily in other places, though when you first start doing it the meditation space is the best place. If you have incense or another natural aroma product that will help you to get the relaxation required then do use it. Incense and aroma oils are available easily through the US, UK and most of the world, so getting the right mood is easy. Get yourself comfortable in a seated position, initially. Then begin Ha breathing, and do so for a minimum of 5 minutes. The longer you Ha breathe the better as it will be relax you and increase your energy allowing you to create connections more easily. Having done this feel free to lie down if you wish to. Get as comfortable as you can, though in a way that you can remain conscious. Falling asleep may be relaxing, though is less than helpful when you need to get answers. So having become as comfortable as possible allow your mind to drift into relaxation through meditation. As you meditate feel your conscious and unconscious minds moving in sympathetic vibration with each other, moving in unison. Then hold your meditation with them like this for a while. Allow them to feel relaxed with each other. Do so for as long as feels right, this can be longer or shorter for different people. Though is always marked by profound relaxation within the meditation and a feeling of unity and oneness. Once you have achieved this you begin to focus your unconscious mind on connecting with your higher self. To do this you simply call your higher self to you. When you do so it will come to you. Your higher self resides in a realm that transcends space and time, so it can be in many places at once and travel instantaneously. The first time you connect may feel a little strange, though with practice it becomes very comfortable. Few people connect with their higher self consciously, hence feeling a bit strange when you first do it sometimes. Holding this connection within your meditation you can then begin to ask the questions you need guidance with. Be as specific as you can be, and listen to what is said. By all means discuss, though argument with yourself is fairly unwise. Take note of the advice and the merits within it. Your higher self should never recommend or ask you to do anything that would harm you. So pay careful attention, and verify anything that seems strange or unusual to you. It is totally ok to check things and confirm understanding. In fact it is highly advisable. You should have full understanding of what you are told. When you have received the knowledge that you need thank you higher self, gratitude is very important, especially here. Then allow the connection to drift and release from your higher self. Allow your mind to come back into your meditation space and come gently back into consciousness with the new knowledge you have. Hold the relaxation from your meditation and enjoy it for a time whilst you work out how you are going to act on the knowledge and bring it into reality. Then when you feel happy to do so, come back out of your meditation.

Wherever you are I hope this aids you in your journey through life. More guidance is available in detail through the meditation ebooks and resources available here on master meditation.

May you have serene and beautiful meditations.



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