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by Master Meditation on October 7, 2010

Meditation and grounding your energies using your root chakra

Meditation and grounding your energies using your root chakra

Meditation is incredibly useful when you need grounding. At a time when we have so much change, so many shifting energies and so much going on astrologically, being able to use your root chakra and ground yourself effectively becomes vital to your wellbeing. Why is this so? Well, when you can ground yourself you can work through the flow of energy in a calmer way, rather than just being caught in it and swept away! Meditation is always good to calm energies, and focusing your meditation in the right way adds additional benefit for you.

Whilst lifting yourself to higher levels and expanding through your crown chakra can be great, sometimes the best thing you can do is put deeper roots in, calm your energies, absorb and process what is going on in and around you. As you do this the lessons around you become more fathomable and apparent. Working with your root chakra is especially good at this time.

For any expansive work you wish to do it is good to have your chakras working well and able to adapt. If you only develop a few of them then you will achieve reasonable results, developing all of them will have you in a position to do much more. The first of which should be your root chakra, the basis from which your energies stabilise in this world. Once you can stabilize and ground your energies you can achieve strong results around bringing your hopes and dreams into the world.

So how can you go about doing this? Well Grounding is all about roots and stability, so within a meditation you should focus on these things. Give yourself time and move into your meditation space, have earthy things around you. Cushions in earthy colours and earthy incense are easily available throughout the US, UK, Japan and most of the world so if you need anything then it should be easy to get. Having the earth element around you will enable you to focus your energy more easily and effectively, so give yourself the increased benefit. Then once your meditation space is set get into a comfortable seated meditation position, this is important. Being in a seated position allows you to orient your chakras more easily for the meditation. Once comfortable, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathe deeply and slow your breathing rate as far as you can comfortably do so. Earth energy is slow moving, stable and rooted, so slowing your breathing allows you to connect with it better. Also do your best to shift your breathing from your chest down to your belly and use your diaphragm, again this brings the energy in your body into a more earthy state. As you do this visualise and feel roots sprouting from your pelvis down through your legs and feet into the ground underneath you. Feel them rooting deep into the earth, going deeper and deeper. As they go deeper into the earth feel your energy slow and become calmer and more stable. Feel any negativity present within you get drawn down wards with the roots, deep into the healing soils of the planet. Deep into the soil where mother nature will process it and transform it into positivity. Holding your meditation while your roots grow deeper still, heading down to the molten core of the earth. When they reach the core feel the cleansing energy of the molten core washing them, bathing them in beautiful warm nurturing energy. Allow them to wrap around and twist through and around this molten energy until they feel purified again. Then begin to slowly withdraw them back up to inside you. Holding the feeling of stillness and stability as you do so. The more you practice this the more easily you will be able to hold stability within your life. To seal the meditation off give gratitude for the healing have peace you have achieved once you have brought your roots back up and into yourself again.

Of note, if you feel your energies begin to get stressed whilst at work you can do a variation on this meditation. Whether you are in a meeting, near a water cooler chatting, at your desk or wherever, allow your roots to move down into the earth beneath you. Slow your breathing, and pull your mental focus down into the Earth. Even if you are in a conversation or negotiation you can still do this variation of the meditation, and it can be very favourable. As your energy stills and calms the energy of those around you is likely to respond in kind. Thus bringing greater stress relief to yourself and those with you. Once the need has passed and you feel a suitable point has arrived, just allow your roots to cleanse in the earth and then withdraw them back inside again and move onwards.

These meditations can be powerful when used properly, though remembering to use them at the right times is also something that should be noted and remembered too.

Wherever you are, whatever you are going through and processing I wish you peaceful and beautiful meditations, Namaste!


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tibor November 26, 2010 at 9:35 am

Thank you for this easy and very effective grounding meditation. I have been having a lot of energy experiences and have not been able to ground them or myself into reality. I feel so much better by following your meditation instructions. Thank you so much for sharing

love and light

Master Meditation November 29, 2010 at 5:25 pm

Hi Tibor,

Thank you very much for such kinds words and feedback. I am really happy to know that the grounding meditation has helped you so much and you are feeling better for it!

My pleasure to share, I hope the future meditations I will share will be useful and aid you also.

Love and light to you too.


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