Meditation for Chile Earthquake

by Master Meditation on March 2, 2010

Meditation has been demonstrated to alleviate crime and problems in areas of unrest in various tests over the years, having read the following I am organising a mass meditation at 7pm local time in Sydney on Thursday the 4th of March to focus on bringing stability and calm to the affected area.

This is what was read:

“The army was also called in to help the overwhelmed police force deal with looters, some of whom dragged shopping carts full of provisions while others made off with plasma TVs and electrical appliances.

“I would advise criminals not to mess with the armed forces. Our response will be severe, but within the context of the law,” Guillermo Ramirez, military commander of the central Maule region, warned the looters.

As they struggled to keep order, the troops fired tear gas and water cannon on residents, driven to desperation by a lack of water and electricity. The deputy interior minister Patricio Rosende reported that one person had been shot dead.”

It is an extract from the full atricle at quite frankly I think they need all the help they can get, both financially and spiritually.

The following from a seperate artice at is in many ways an interesting sign as to how things are changing with events like this on our planet:

“The earthquake that struck Chile measured at an 8.8 magnitude and put the entire Pacific on tsunami alert.

But scientists say the shifting in the tectonic plates has also shifted the Earth’s axis.

The Earth’s overall mass distribution has likely been altered which has made the length of a day 1.26 microseconds shorter, NASA scientists say.”

Wherever you are I urge you to join us at 7pm local time in Sydney, 8am GMT (currently local time) in the UK for the mass meditation. By going into meditation and focusing calm and peace on the area, even if you can only do so for a few minutes, we are helping to bring a better feeling to the area than currently exists there. Whilst also bringing a healing energy to our planet to bring it back to the healthy state we all desire for it.

I hope you can join us all for this mass meditation, Namaste.


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