Meditation, Debt Relief and Wealth Creation

by Master Meditation on July 29, 2011

Meditation can help massively with debt relief because of the stress relief it brings, also it paves the way for wealth creation and manifestation

Meditation can help massively with debt relief because of the stress relief it brings, also it paves the way for wealth creation and manifestation

Meditation can provide a real sense of relief from debt. With rising national debt in the US well over $14Bn now and increasing in many other countries too, pressure on consumers and the public is huge. At times like this stress relief is incredibly important. As is changing your money focus so that you can start creating freedom from debt, and access financial freedom. Consumer debt is a horrible thing that drags people down and creates intolerable stress. So getting stress relief, creating debt relief and creating wealth so that you can be free are all important things.

Many may ask why I am talking about money on a meditation website, or how this is spiritual. Put simply, if a person has stress from debt then spiritually they are in bad health. The majority of spiritual leaders around the world live good lifestyles and never need worry about money, in some cases they are actually quite wealthy. Living that way allows them to focus more on living a good spiritual life and helping people. So having money and financial freedom can be spiritual, if a balance is kept and people are respectful of the energies and ethics of money that is. Plus performing any kind of manifestation meditation puts you into a deep linkage with your unconscious and the wider universe too.

Money is increasingly what most people get stressed about. With banks and other organisations getting tighter on their demands and lending the pressure increases. Causing ill health through stress in many. So firstly creating an air of stress relief is important. By accessing stress relief you are able to think more clearly, and retain better health too. Creating debt relief through generating wealth is important too. To really release the stress fully the debts that shackle people to banks and credit cards need to be gone as well.

So how to create wealth is the question. As with many things this roots itself in the mind. Negative perceptions about money lead to physical issues about it. So cleansing out the negative issues about money is important. With all wealth creation meditation the first step is to clean out the negative issues inside the mind. The silent thoughts that rarely get noticed, yet are always working in the back of the unconscious until removed.

By going into meditation you can still your mind enough to begin finding and removing these issues. Getting in at root cause and removing them, allowing for relief from debt to happen more easily. As perceptions about money change so does the flow of money. Money is just energy. It is always around, though flow of it may change and shift to and from different places, it is always there though. It flows to where it will be received most positively. So holding negative thoughts about it will stop it from coming to you. Clear those out and generate positive thoughts and you shift the way money flows to you, and importantly from you as well.

As with all meditation it is important to have somewhere that you can go to to practice in comfort. A meditation space in a dedicated room is ideal, though if your meditation space is within a room that is used for something else then do your best to ensure it is calm and peaceful there whilst you are meditating. Performing a stress relief meditation and clearing out your thoughts is important. It lays the foundations for improving your mind power and then clearing yourself from the discomfort of whatever depth is situation you are in. Having done so it is then about creating the healing and strength internally that can aid your shift of thoughts and focus around money. Healing your solar plexus chakra is something that will be important. The solar plexus is the seat of your will, and controls what is projected out into the world and manifested. Cleaning it up and healing it will help you to improve your good fortune, thus starting to create wealth and freedom. Though I do make it known here again that I suggest this in pursuit of a balanced life, where the freedom created enables you to help others and bring more joy into the world. As well as healing your solar plexus cleaning up your thoughts about money is important. Creating a positive image about money and wealth is important. If you use it for good and to help people then money and wealth can be a good thing. Creating a selfish life and hoarding is never good. Being free and helping others is good, in my opinion anyway, and we are all different. So doing a wealth creation meditation on a regular basis is a good thing to do. Focusing on good reasons for creating wealth. How it will improve your life, and from there how you can then aid others to improve their lives. Having time free to spend with loved ones and friends, enhancing many lives is a good motivation for wealth creation. Ecology around personal change is always important. If you are creating positive benefit for everyone then that change is good. If your wealth creation helps you to enhance the lives of people around you that is good. Especially as a likely result is that the improvement in their lives will have positive effect on people around them. Thus the positivity cascades and a butterfly effect ensues, creating happiness in many people.

By going to the section on meditation ebooks and resources you can access many things that will help you to get good results from these recommendations, as well as all your meditations. There are an increasing number of resources and guided meditations being added, including a wealth creation meditation.

Wherever you are, and whatever you need to create in your life or change I wish you serene meditations and prosperity.



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