Meditation can it be used to bypass sleep deprivation?

by Master Meditation on April 13, 2012


Meditation can help you in a big way when you are failing to get the quality sleep you need

Meditation can it be used to bypass sleep deprivation?


  • You are suffering from insomnia
  • You are working intense hours and get little rest
  • You wake up multiple times a night

Then this guide can help you bypass sleep deprivation and feel fresh.

Sleep is an incredibly important process. It regulates your biological cycle. It helps your mind to reset. You also process various things that have happened in your life within dreams. Sometimes you also process expected events in your dreams before they happen.

So sleep is very important. No least because without it people often feel fatigue. Which leads to things like irritability and poor performance.

So how can we sidestep things like this at the times when you are short on sleep?

Basically you are looking to get the greatest effect. With the least effort. Physical rest and physical healing can take time. A lot more than it takes to rest your mind that is.

Though when you rest your mind in the right way you can summon more energy and feel refreshed. In an easy way.

This is where your meditation practice comes in.

When you work with any kind of introspection techniques or work with quiet time, you can achieve interesting things. It is possible for your mind to work much faster than your body.

Your mind can recover from fatigue very rapidly!

So how do you give fatigue the boot? An great technique I developed over the years works incredibly well indeed.

When you need to, take yourself off for some quiet time. Go into your meditation space. Get comfortable in a seated position. Then close your eyes and Ha breathe for about 5 minutes. You can go longer if you want, which will be great for you. Though assuming you are short on time just do 5 minutes.

Next keeping your eyes closed, move through your body within your mind. Starting at your eyes, and step by step relaxing every single muscle in your body. While you do this, just envision yourself enjoying a full night of good good rest.

Feel the relaxation washing over you as you visualise and create the vision in your mind. Notice how peaceful you are. Notice how at easy you are. Feel your body relaxing and revitalising.

Pace yourself through this gently. Taking about 10 or 15 minutes to relax yourself through this cycle. Before seeing yourself waking gently and happily, having had a great nights rest. Fully refreshed and at ease.

This is a supremely simple meditation for you to do.

Though when you do have time to actually get the proper rest that you need, I fully recommend taking it. Proper full, restful sleep is incredibly good for you. Though for short bursts, working within your practice like this can suffice. Definitely get into a normal sleep cycle as soon as you can though.

If you have trouble sleeping then I do recommend using the Sleep Meditation mp3.

Basically it will aid you in getting off to, and then enjoying a full nights quality rest!

For other resources and help, check out the guided meditationchakra meditationmeditation ebooks and resources sections. The things within them have been specifically developed to aid you in your journey.

The forum is also there to help you. Inside the forum you can access advice and help from others who meditate.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations and a prosperous life.


Stephen Frost

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