Meditation as an Aid to Healing

by Master Meditation on November 11, 2011

meditation, body cleanse and healing

Meditation, High Quality Nutrition and Body Cleansing are great for your Health

Meditation is an amazing Aid to Healing.


  • You are suffering from dis-ease
  • You are healing broken bones, You lack energy
  • You have conditions like Asthma
  • You are undergoing any kind of medical treatment
  • You are unwell in any way

Then meditation can really help you to become healthy again.

Thousands of years ago the ancient Egyptians used sleep temples to help people heal. Throughout India, Nepal, Tibet similar practice has been noted too, though usually with smaller groups rather than in temples. In the Huna culture of Hawaii meditation has long been used as an aid to healing.

Meditating can help you with whatever healing you are seeking, much as it has helped millions of people before you.

When you go into a meditative state your body slows down, as does your mind. When you do this your body can begin to repair itself more effectively. Your body transitions into a different chemical state that is more conducive to healing than the state it would usually operate in.

Put simply your stress levels drop and your healing response rockets up.

Meditating is amazing for stress relief. Every time you meditate you attain stress relief to varying degrees. The longer you meditate the greater the stress relief you experience. Though even if you only meditate for a short time you still get benefit from it.

Meditating allows your body to work effectively. This is because your mind is able to focus effectively on what is happening within you. As it does so it can tune in the amazing healing response that you have to work on finer and finer levels.

The more experienced you are with meditation the stronger the response you are able to achieve with your own healing.

When you combine meditating with healthy living the results become even stronger. When you work with high quality nutrition and body cleansing truly amazing results can be observed. By doing a body cleansing you cleanse out all the toxins that have built up within your body. Toxins that reduce your health levels and healing response. When you body cleanse those toxins get flushed out, leaving your body clear and able to function effectively.

After you have flushed out the toxins you can get massive advantage from taking in high quality nutrition. By doing so you are able to give your body the best of what it needs to be healthy and well.

This in turn helps you to reduce your stress levels. As your body can relax more. It is able to get the nutrition that it needs in order to keep you in good health, which means that it has less fighting to do.

A further effect is that your meditation becomes more effective as a result.

Leading to your ability to become even healthier.

When you meditate with healing as your focus you actually direct energy and power into creating that healing. Much as people meditate to manifesting physical things they wish to have within their lives, you can also manifest greater health too.

As you go into meditation have a clear image of how you wish to be. Fully see yourself in the full glory of being at 100% health and wellbeing. Support yourself in that image, have faith in living and being that way. Within your meditation see yourself flowing into this way of being.

Notice everything around you flowing and moving to support you within your meditation. Notice how different things within your life move and change to support you achieving the good health that you seek. Make a mental note of all these things as you meditate. They are important.

All the changes you notice are effective being channelled to you as messages for your attention. Your unconscious mind is aware that these things will help you. Hence make a mental note of the changes and what you need to do. Then take action.

Work with your unconscious mind in order to create the healthy life you desire.

Imagine yourself in full and complete health.

Now realise that you can achieve it through taking the right action.

When you combine regular meditating with high quality nutrition and body cleansing you will be amazed with the results you achieve. And how quickly you achieve them too. You have a pathway to healthy living open to you. How far you go with it is entirely up to you.

When you choose to meditate regularly and enjoy products which promote healthy living, then you open up an amazing new world for yourself.


  • You become healthier when you meditate regularly
  • You become healthier when you body cleanse regularly
  • You become healthier when you get high quality nutrition
  • You massively amplify each of these things when you do all of them together

In order to help you learn how to meditate and master meditation please check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. Everything has been crafted to aid you achieve the best possible results. Also you can get more information on healthy living in the body cleanse and nutrition section. Your health is one of the most important things in life, do what you can to support it and enjoy life fully.

Also the meditation forum is there to help you. Within the meditation forum you can access help from various people and share knowledge and wisdom easily.

Wherever you are I wish you truly serene meditations and a wonderful healthy life!


Stephen Frost

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