Meditation And Visualisation

by Master Meditation on March 22, 2010

Meditation and Visualisation, expand your abilities through using Visualisation within Meditation

Meditation and Visualisation, expand your abilities through using Visualisation within Meditation

Meditation is an excellent way to improve your capacity for visualisation, though you may well ask why having strong powers of visualisation is good for you. Well the more easily you can visualise something, the easier it is to make it happen, thus meaning your dreams can be fulfilled more easily. Though it does go beyond this, Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge” knowledge is truly useful though imagination allows us to transcend barriers and create solutions, when applied within meditation the potentials become amplified on what can be achieved.

If you wish to truly develop your imagination then going into meditation and performing a visualisation within it is an excellent way to develop it. It can be done in a number of ways and when first learning how to meditate using a guided meditation is probably the easiest way, the guide will give you various bits of imagery which you translate into pictures within your own mind whilst in meditation, thus building your visualisation faculty. An alternate if you have had practice with mediation is to take an object within your home, start off small and simple, then spend some time studying it and noting it mentally so you can remember it well. Then preferably in complete silence close your eyes, go into a state of meditation and recreate the object inside you mind in the best detail you can, turning it over and looking from different angles, checking your own accuracy of creation in your mind. The more accurately you can do this the better, and hold it for as long as you can.

There are a number of ways this can then be applied within meditation, through healing, manifestation and stress relief to name but a few. When using it for healing or spiritual healing you should visualise and create the image of the health changes you wish to create, visualising the end result and how things will be after the healing is complete, if you wish you can create imagery of the transition to health. With manifestation you can work on numerous things, often people work on their business, creating wealth or even bringing their ideal relationship into being. Again the process is simple, create the picture within your mind of your successful business, the lifestyle or wealth you desire, or how it will be to enjoy your ideal relationship, then enjoy and revel in it drawing every minute detail in. With stress relief the process is somewhat simpler, you can create whatever calming imagery you wish for in your mind, purely going into a meditation and enjoying the imagery will aid your stress relief.

If you are seeking more help with your visualisations then I suggest using a guided meditation CD or mp3, there are plenty available and they are easy to access throughout the UK, US and majority of the world. Having a good meditation space will yield you great benefit with your practice too. Also if you are willing to test out other things to aid your success with manifesting your wishes into the world then there are specific incenses aimed at different things, the use of natural herbs and spices to heighten particular parts of the brain can aid you with this too. Cinnamon has been used as a wealth attractant for centuries, Garlic for protection and health, Vanilla for love and sexuality, this obviously is just a few examples with many more out there. For more information on the use of herbs and other common kitchen items that could aid you I suggest the Scott Cunningham books “Encyclopaedia Of Magical Herbs” and “Wicca In The Kitchen”, they are both very interesting and cover off the usage and traditions of various herbs, spices and other foods.

Whatever it is that you wish to create or enhance in your world I wish you every success with achieving it and beautiful meditations along the way, Namaste.


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