Meditation and Venturing Into The Unknown

by Master Meditation on August 12, 2011

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Meditation can facilitate wonderful journeys if you free your mind power.

Meditation is a way that many have ventured off into the unknown. For thousands of years people have gone on internal journeys, searching for answers and wisdom. Taking time in meditation and venturing off into the unknown like this can open many normally closed doors. There are a few things to think about though before you journey off like this.

Whenever you meditate it is important to cleanse first, body cleansing helps you to feel clean and move freely into a meditative state. Prior to going off on any kind of journey it becomes even more important to perform a good body cleansing, both external and internal body cleansing. External as usual to clear your skin, the internal body cleansing clears away the toxins that build up from the various things that you eat and drink. These toxins restrict and alter the way that energy flows within the body, by washing them out and attaining an internally clean body you move back to a point where your energy can flow correctly around your body again. Something which allows you to meditate more easily and flow within your journey more lucidly.

Eating and drinking prior to meditations where you are journeying is partially down to personal taste. Certain things are advisable though. Chiefly, natural whole foods. Consuming fast food, processed food, carbonated drinks, etc. is going to be counter productive. Taking in fresh vegetables and fruit, tofu, and maybe a little fish is a far better way to go as they help to keep your energy clean and your mind fresh. Likewise, water, fruit or herb teas and juices are best to drink for the same reasons. Note well, if you consume too much food you may become drowsy and get less from the meditation. Drink to much and you will potentially need to break off the meditation early for a comfort break. Eating and drinking too little is less of an issue. Spiritual masters have advocated fasting for thousands of years, something I have found works really well. During a fast your mind is clearer, lucid and very nimble, good reasons for fasting when you are doing journeying work.

For this kind of meditation especially you should go somewhere quiet and very peaceful. This is a time that a meditation space is very important. If you have a room set aside for a meditation space or just have one within a room used for other purposes, then ensure you are going to be left in peace and close the door. When you are going off on a journey it is incredibly important that you have all the time and peace that you need for the entire duration of your meditation. If you meditate somewhere that you will end up getting distracted, then the thread of the journey gets lost and the attainment of wisdom with it.

How you work with this type of meditation is up to you, it is definitely a more advanced form of meditating. For some people a group of meditations and exercises are done together. Something that is beneficial in a number of ways. For one it helps you to deepen your state when going into the journey itself as you have already dropped down several stages from the other meditations and exercises. You are in a more relaxed state having had stress relief through the other exercises. Your energy is flowing well, and your mind is focused in the right place. What I suggest, though it will make the overall time quite long, is first doing around 5 minutes of Nadi Shudhi Pranayama to balance your mind, body and spirit. Then build up energy through Ha breathing for at least 20 minutes, this also relaxes you and enables you to flow more easily. Followed by an Om meditation to open yourself up to the universe, through the chanting you do during your Om meditation you raise yourself up spiritually and facilitate easier travelling to the places you need to go. Having done this you are in a good frame to seek out and find the wisdom that you are seeking, sometimes it may come quickly, other times it may require much searching. Always if you are committed though you will find it. Taking time at the end to give gratitude for your experience and the wisdom attained is as always a good thing to do to. When the universe yields something up to you then it is nice to show appreciation. Having done so take a few moments in quiet contemplation before coming out of your meditation, give yourself a few moments to fully appreciate what you have done and where you have been. It is worth that extra little bit of time.

For other additional assistance go to the section on guided meditation, meditation ebooks and resources there are many things that have been and are being added there. Also check out the meditation forum.

Wherever you are and whatever you are seeking, I wish you beautiful and serene meditations.



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