Meditation and Transition

by Master Meditation on October 14, 2011

Meditation influences change and transition

Meditation influences change and transition

Meditation is massively helpful in times of transition.


  • You find yourself being pushed by strong currents of emotion
  • You feel lost between various points of your life
  • Your grasp on something dear to you slipped away
  • You are suffering from loss and heart ache

Then time in meditation will massively help you.

Change is a certainty. Change is always around us, and sometimes it engulfs and carries us along. Millions of people face similar situations to you everyday. Thousands of them practice meditation to help the through those situations, something that can help you too.

As you move through life you reach turning points and crossroads. Decisions are made, though sometimes less than willingly. Often you may feel that you had no choice in a matter. Something you do have choice over is how you react and relate to change.

As you learn more about meditation and what is meditation, you learn to become adaptive with different situations. You learn to maintain a peaceful air and a calm way of being. Far from removing feelings from yourself, you learn to work with those feelings in a more evolved way.

When something happens that may have led you to lash out before, you can adapt and deal with it calmly when you have practised meditating. You substitute an old set of responses that caused greater harm than good, for ones that aid you greatly. You attain the ability to handle situations with ease and comfort.

You attain a benefit that improves life and the environment for everyone. Moreover, by being able to work with situations in a better way you become more appreciated by those around you. Your behavioural shift creates greater rapport with people around you. They appreciate you more for your calmness and ability to maintain a higher level of respectability.

You gain benefit way beyond that though. As become able to work with transition and change effectively, you feel good within yourself. You can take change and transition within your stride. You work with it in a manner that is comfortable for you, rather than being carried along and engulfed by it.

You encounter change on a daily basis, we all do. How you work and deal with that change is what marks out your level of fulfilment and happiness in life. When you choose to go through it calmly you attain also an ability to have influence over the changes. You take the ability to dictate the outcome.

Change happens, though you can hold the key.

You can decide how that change manifests and its results.

When you take the calm approach, holding a peaceful path within. You can assess which doors to open and close. When the opposite path is taken, routes become murky and options are less visible. As you open your mind to work in a relaxed manner, it can operate faster and process more easily. The options that previously would have been invisible become visible.

Your have a chance to see alternate opportunities and paths.

You gain great control over your life. You can decide where you want to go rather than just having to follow a path that sweeps you up and drags you along. You achieve the ability to calmly and smoothly walk with serenity in the direction that you choose. Options open up and you are free to choose as you wish.

You become empowered and achieve joy within your life as a result.

You always have options available. Being able to maintain your calm and composure opens up your eyes and mind to seeing them. When you see them you have the opportunity to choose which to take. Your life transforms massively when this happens. The transformation you go through is then your choice, and in the direction you wish.

You always have choice, though sometimes the choices you have are different to what you had previously conceived. Often better choices open up to you.

Consider your options carefully. There are resulting actions for all of them. They all lead in certain directions, some of which bring you closer to the destination you desire in a smoother and more hasty fashion.


  • You think clearer
  • You notice more options
  • You gain choice
  • You gain the ability to decide how change affects you

Whatever choices you have to make in your life I wish you a clear and calm mind to make them with. Check what is available in the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections, they are there to help you. As is the meditation forum. The meditation forum has been set up to help everyone in sharing wisdom and getting more from meditation.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations and calm transitions.


Stephen Frost

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