Meditation And The Law Of Attraction

by Master Meditation on April 14, 2010

How to meditate and get the most of the law of attraction, meditation is a powerful ally with this.

How to meditate and get the most of the law of attraction, meditation is a powerful ally with this.

Meditation and the law of attraction go hand in hand in many respects. Of course many people have spoken about the use of the law of attraction to get what you want, though rarely do they mention a few key points about it. Points which when you are looking to build a beautiful life filled with joy can be critical as to how things come about, and very importantly what is achievable.

The law of attraction is all about drawing in what you want, well often in order to get what you want you must let go of certain things which block that from happening. Likewise if there is destructive behaviour around you then that must be assessed, sometimes it is self created, other times by others. Regardless of the place that behaviour comes from it should be checked, what is the reason for it? Also if coming from someone else then what can be done to surmount it, if after much communication the issue is insurmountable then you may need to part ways with that person, regardless of how much they may mean to you. In order to bring in what you desire you must create fertile ground for the growing of what you wish to harvest, polluted ground must be cleared.

This is a place where meditation comes in. Through taking time to meditate on the various factors in your life you can reach into the reasons and blockages on certain situations. If you are having issues within key relationships then dive into yourself within meditation and survey how your own actions have responsibility. What changes must you make in order to create better conditions, and what would you need of those around you, this is very important. Your meditation will also aid you with stress relief around all issues, that stress relief will aid you in moving to the point you wish to be.

Once you have cleared out the things which hold you back, including your own issues about yourself, you can move forward. In learning how to meditate you open yourself up to the universe and once you have done so the universe opens itself to you. With the universe then open you can dive deep within your meditation, down into what is called the void, the place of pure potential. When you are in this space you are able to plant the seeds of your will in fertile and receptive ground. This is why you must be clear of all that holds you back, what you plant here whilst you meditate is what will grow and flourish, with all you have set around it.

Again a key thing here is the meditation space that you use, your meditation space should be comfortable and in a place free of disturbance, somewhere you can focus fully on what you are doing. When you are learning how to meditate it is important to focus fully so you can move into meditation more easily, when you are working on your dreams and building the world you desire that focus within meditation is again vitally important.

Using incense or even music can aid with a process like this, and for those learning how to meditate and wishing to go through this kind of process then there are guided meditations available. Thanks to the modern world we live in the majority of these things are available from various new age and other stores throughout the US, UK and the rest of the world so please set yourself up for success properly.

I truly wish you all good fortune with creating and enjoying the life you wish to have. May you all have beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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