Meditation and Sleep

by Master Meditation on November 4, 2011

meditation and sleep

Meditation helps you relax deeply so that you can get good quality sleep

Meditation and sleep go well together for many obvious reasons.


  • You suffer from insomnia
  • You have restless nights
  • You have so much on your mind that you find it difficult to get to sleep
  • You have trouble getting the deep sleep that you need
  • You have any problems sleeping

Then you will find yourself gaining great benefit from doing sleep meditation.

In order to sleep deeply and effectively you need a relaxed and peaceful mind. When you have a mass of thoughts racing around your mind then you have difficulty getting good quality rest.

When you mind is constantly twisting and turning, your body is too.

Your mind and body work very closely together. They feedback to and from each other. If your body twists and turns so does your mind. So to get yourself into the right frame to rest you need to create peace and calm. By learning about meditation and what is meditation you gain greater ability to create peace and calm inside yourself.

When you have peace and calm within your mind then you find that you have it within your body too.

There are many things which can cause your mind and body to become agitated. The diet that most people live on is one of those things. The presence of chemicals within the body gives rise to agitation within you. Agitation that can be difficult to over come. So performing a good body cleanse really helps you with this.

With body cleansing comes an amazing state of relaxation. When you flush the toxins out that have accumulated within your body you will gain an immediate state of relaxation. The toxins that build up within you cause your body to become agitated. After you have cleansed your body, after you have detoxed, your body becomes naturally relaxed.

Relaxing your mind becomes easier too.

As you relax both your body and mind you become able to get the rest you need. You become able to sleep easily and peacefully.

By doing meditation, in particular sleep meditation, prior to sleeping, you put yourself into a deeply relaxed state. By meditating regularly your mind becomes accustomed to achieving relaxation quickly and easily.

When you do sleep meditation regularly before sleeping your mind moves into a state naturally that gives you the deep peaceful rest that you need. You put yourself into a state that enables your body to naturally relax into sleep too.

Doing sleep meditation greatly helps you to overcome any issues that have been preventing you from getting the rest that you need. Your body requires certain natural hormones on a daily basis. You only release these when you enter a deep and restful sleep cycle. So doing a meditation that allows you to achieve that state naturally is a really good thing for you.

You can rest properly and achieve the healing you need easily and effortlessly.

Imagine resting peacefully every night and awakening feeling fully refreshed every morning.

That is what happens when you meditate regularly and do sleep meditation before resting. You naturally help yourself to heal, revitalise and feel great again. The more you meditate the greater the benefits you will observe. The changes are astounding.

Imagine gaining control over you life properly.

When you achieve good quality sleep on a regular basis this is what happens. You gain the ability to truly take control over your life. By doing regular meditation that ability is magnified.

Through regular meditation and good rest:

  • You heal properly
  • You revitalise effectively
  • You gain the energy you need
  • You focus properly
  • You slip into the natural easy flow of your life
  • You become you and can easily make whatever transitions you wish to

Through meditating you gain a massive amount of control over your life and everything within it. That has got to be something that is worth doing for yourself!

In the guided meditationchakra meditationmeditation ebooks and resources sections there are many things that have been created to help you achieve the life that you desire. Also the meditation forum is a great place to get assistance. Inside the meditation forum you can share experience and access wisdom from other people easily and effortlessly.

I wish you truly serene meditations and a prosperous life.


Stephen Frost

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