Meditation and Self Worth

by Master Meditation on February 9, 2011

Meditation can help heal and rebuild your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras and you self worth

Meditation can help heal and rebuild your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras and you self worth

Meditation can really help to build a greater sense of self worth. Something which sadly seems to be a problem that I have noticed in many places around the world. All to easily people seem to draw conclusions about their own value from the actions and words of other people. Things which can cause them to feel down whilst also creating problems in their heart about being able to feel loved, and the chakras fall out of balance. It is all too common, though by learning to meditate in certain ways then much of that can be healed, and people move on to lead a more fruitful life.

The main chakras being worked with are the third and forth, or solar plexus and heart. The two are very closely linked. The solar plexus charkra is all about the will, confidence, manifestation in the world around you and also self esteem. The heart chakra of course governs love, both to and from those around you, and also for yourself. If either, or indeed both of these are having problems then life becomes less enjoyable and less rewarding. Things can seem hollow and happiness very elusive. Though through meditation healing can occur and they can be strengthened.

When meditating to heal and rebuild the solar plexus and heart chakras you must be clearly focused on what you are doing, they are very important in terms of the results you get in your life. When meditating and doing this kind of work it is profoundly important that you retain a quiet, calm and relaxed space. So using a very private meditation space is a great thing to do. Also do a really good cleanse before meditating, ideally a full body cleanse inside and out, and at the minimum just wash your self thoroughly in the shower.

So, take yourself off into your meditation space and set it up in a way that is going to aid you. Using incense to heal is a good idea, especially Himalayan or Tibetan healing incense can give good results. Candles will helps to relax and also bring energy to the meditation. Though music you should be careful with, if you wish to use music then singing bowls are great, especially if you are playing your own. Crystals and crystal nets can be wonderful to use in this meditation too, working with yellow Sapphire and Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite would be good. All of these things are easy to get in the US, UK, Japan and most of the world. Having set the space up in the right way for you, get into a comfortable seated position for the first part and begin Ha breathing. Building up the energy and relaxing more as you do so for 5 minutes, if you are well practiced then do so for longer, the longer you Ha breath for the better as the energy really helps with the healing process. Having built up energy you can either remain sitting or lie down comfortably, just ensure you stay awake if you do so. Then go through the Ho Pono Pono process to clear away old negative emotions and connections, this will really help. Once the connections and emotions are cleared take yourself into a deeper state of relaxation. Drifting deeper and deeper within yourself. Sense your solar plexus and heart chakras, see and feel the way that they are working, notice what is causing problems and where they need healing. Then taking the energy that you have stored up start working on them, work on them like a potter would with fine clay to produce beautiful ceramics. Take the energy and with great love work it into whatever gaps, cracks or other flaws appear in your chakras. Do this with great care, honouring yourself and giving yourself love as you do so. As you rebuild your chakras within the meditation allow yourself to see you life in the vision you have of your wonderful future, enjoying all the beautiful aspects of life that you seek, great relationships with loved ones, comfortable time with work and business, easy spiritual joy, the places you seek to be. Everything that would combine together to have you feeling truly joyful of the life you lead, and craft these visions combined with the energy into the chakras you are rebuilding and healing, feeling yourself becoming whole again with every moment of care and crafting. Once you feel you have done this allow a few moments to quietly meditate and give gratitude for the opportunity and the healing you have given to yourself. Then gently come back up and out of the meditation, pausing for a few moments as you exit the meditation and open your eyes just to see how differently you do feel now.

You will notice good effects from this meditation the first time you do it, and should you wish to repeat it again then feel free to do so as many times as you see fit, all of them will help you.

Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations and a glorious life, namaste.


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