Meditation and Self Love

by Master Meditation on March 9, 2011

Meditation really helps to heal your heart chakra and restore self love

Meditation really helps to heal your heart chakra and restore self love

Meditation and self love can work in unison well. Self love is about how we feel about ourselves, whether we have the ability to love and like ourselves at a core level. In my travels, meditations and work around the world lack of self love, low self esteem, low self confidence are things that I have seen with people time and time again across many cultures. Yet loving yourself is a good thing and something that all people deserve to do and feel. To withdraw love from yourself leaves a hole in life, a hole which over time gradually becomes wider and affects other things, unless something is done about it of course.

Self love meditation

People withdraw love from themselves for numerous reasons, seeing themselves in an unpleasant light is often the cause of this. That again can be from a great number of things, being honest with yourself allows you to find out your true feelings about how you view yourself. However you felt was just what took you to this point now, the beauty here is that you can change how you view and see yourself. That self love can be regenerated any time you want it. Once you start that genuine self love again you can feel it and heal yourself, filling that void and becoming whole again.

The heart chakra is all about love and healing it can seriously help things. If your heart chakra is out of sync with your spirit, emotions and thoughts then there is going to be a problem. This can also manifest within your physical body too if the thoughts and feelings continue on for too long. Yet you have the option to begin loving yourself at any time you wish. When you do you will tend to find that the people within your life begin to love you more and you can feel that.

Meditation is of course a great help. Taking yourself to a place where you can feel at peace is a great way to start things off, being in a peaceful place induces feelings of calm and good within, self love begins to flow again. Starting slowly perhaps, though definitely the self love begins to flow again. Being in a place where you can feel at peace allows your heart chakra to begin healing, allows you to feel at peace, as such self love and love in general can begin to flow more easily.

So take yourself off into your meditation space, get some soothing incense burning, add some candles and music too if you wish. All of the things you need to create a totally comfortable space are easily available throughout the US, UK, Japan and the rest of the world. Feeling comfortable and at peace go hand in hand, so do your best to create a meditation space where you can feel most comfortable and at peace. Then when you feel good about the atmosphere you have created allow yourself to sit comfortably, cross legged, lotus position, whatever feels good to you. Then keeping your back upright begin to breathe deeply, allow yourself to just be and feel the relaxation beginning to wash over you, and start Ha breathing. Focus your attention on your solar plexus, just below your sternum, and allow the energy that builds to store there. Allow yourself to Ha breathe for about 10 minutes, building the energy and feeling more relaxed as you breathe. Having built up the energy take your hands and put them in prayer position in front of your heart, and focus your attention on your heart. Gently allow the energy you built up in your solar plexus to flow into your heart chakra, see the energy flowing in and healing happening in all the places where healing is needed. See your heart taking on its full potential and being whole again, filling up with love, becoming wholesome and good inside again. Allow yourself to feel the changes on a soul level, deep deep down, feel that change inside and enjoy the good feeling that comes from it. Allow yourself to just hold within your meditation and really sense the fullness that comes from having a healed heart that is full of love. Flow more energy in and allow that love to overflow into the world around you, spreading from you to everyone around you and beyond, and just sit noticing how good that feels and give gratitude for being able to feel and share that feeling with others.

Doing this on a regular basis can create an amazing difference within your life, especially when combined with ho’o pono pono and belief change techniques too.

I strongly recommend doing a self love meditation on a regular basis, the benefits are massive. Have a look at the meditation ebooks and resources section to find guided meditations and other things that will help you.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing I wish you serenely beautiful meditations, namaste.


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