Meditation and Secrets of How to Get the Best New Year

by Master Meditation on December 30, 2011

Master Meditation bringing you meditation secrets and wishing you an Amazing New Year

Master Meditation bringing you meditation secrets and wishing you an Amazing New Year

Meditation is great, do you want to know secrets of how to get the best New Year with it?


  • You feel a desire to change the energies in your life
  • You want to rejuvenate and revitalise your life
  • You feel the need to create something new and move your life further forward than before

Then you can gain some valuable meditation secrets, tips and techniques by reading on through. All you need to do is follow through and take the action that will see you having your best year ever. If you truly want to have an amazing year then read, absorb, act on the tips, and set yourself up for an amazing time.

So how do you do everything in your power to set up your New Year in the best way possible?

There are a number of things that are key here for your success. Cleansing is an incredibly important step. Total cleansing. Inside, on various levels and outside too.

Your first step is to cleanse externally. In Japan there is a deeply rooted tradition and culture of cleaning the home and business thoroughly before New Year. Full cleaning. Top to bottom and through every nook and cranny. All the dirt and grim that may have accumulated over the year is washed away. All the dirt that has come into your home or business and altered the energy is removed. Leaving you with an entirely fresh place to be. It feels amazing, truly. Because the energy does change. The pristine feeling that comes with it has you feeling lifted.

Next up is cleaning your place on an energetic level. Using sacred sage or white sage as it is also known is good for this. Working with a smudging stick, which is available from any good spiritual store, you use the smoke to cleanse the energy of a space. Having cleaned a place physically this then works to refine and purify the energies further. Leading you to have a place that feels even more amazing, and peaceful too. The chaos that had previously been there with the energies disappears as the energies realign and settle. Allowing you to bring in the energies you want.

However there is more.

To truly build yourself up for success there are things you can do internally. Special secrets. Though only if you are really committed to having an amazing year should you use these secrets. Are you ready for them? Will you truly use them? Will you use them positively and to help yourself?

Doing an internal body cleanse puts you steps further ahead. Taking time out to do a body cleanse shifts your internal energies and boosts your health. By releasing toxins that have built up you go into the New Year even fresher than before. You also go in with a far greater command over your own energies. Basically because your body is working with a smoother and cleaner flow.

Having done all this you are then ready to go into the next phase. So what is the next phase?

This is where you shift out the energies of thought patterns that hold you back. Cleaning out the negative energies from your own mind. Many of which you likely never new existed. They just sat there, like silent hidden anchors, weighing you down and frustrating you.

The meditation techniques used to help you clear those energies are thousands of years old. Long established and highly effective meditation techniques. Secrets that few people ever find out about, and yet they make a massive difference to the lives of those that do use them.

These meditation techniques are incredibly simple to do. Once you have done them once you will undoubtedly be doing them again and again.

First up, cleanse yourself in the shower, wash away all the old and refresh yourself. Then go into your meditation space. Settle yourself into a comfortable seated position because it is best for the breathing techniques associated with the techniques to be used ahead. Once you are comfortable, begin Ha breathing. This actually boosts the energy you have inside. You build up energy through performing this techniques that you then use to aid you with the following techniques. So do this for as long as you feel you need to, the longer the better though.

Having done that you are going into Ho’o Pono Pono. The details for how to work with is meditation technique can be found on the Ho’o Pono Pono page. Essentially you are working on cleaning up all of your associations and relationships on an energetic level. This is very important, and is actually best when done on a regular basis. Why is this? Largely because it keeps the negativity out of the relationships, allowing them to stay as positive as possible.

Is there more? Absolutely. If you really wish to build up to the strongest beginning possible. If you really want to have yourself in the best form possible, then you need to ensure you have yourself in the best internal shape possible. Though only do this if you are really committed to having the life you truly dream of.

Working through your Chakras, cleaning them, energising them and purifying them gets you another step closer to being in top form. Over time your Chakras loose their cleanliness. When that happens they are less efficient, meaning that they work less effectively in the pursuit of aiding you to attain the life you seek. Working through all over your Chakras in turn enables you to get yourself on good form energetically. It enables you to align yourself and your energies more effectively toward what you seek in life.

Having cleaned and optimised your chakras, work on lifting your spirit higher. Doing Om meditation raises your vibration and elevates you in an amazing way. It’s the reason that so many spiritual practitioners have been working with chants and mantras for so long. Om meditation sets you up in a wonderful way for what is to follow.

So once you have cleansed and optimised yourself in this way you can begin the steps of programming yourself for what you actually want in your life. Having cleared the ground and prepared it for strong foundations it is time to build on. Focus your mind on what it is that you really want. Pull through your thoughts for how you wish to be. What needs to change? What needs to happen? Give yourself time, work on what you desire for your life.

Be that your desire for new love, wealth creation, stronger self love and self esteem, whatever, give yourself the time and devote energy to making it happen. Build up more energy again with another phase of Ha breathing, then work within a guided meditation to aid you with focusing more strongly on what you wish to do. Then flow the fresh energy into that process. Give it the loving nurture that sees it grow from a seed into a strong tree which will bear the fruit that you desire to make your life sweet and enjoyable.

As always sealing off your meditation practice with the process of giving gratitude. By doing so you build a stronger rapport with the universe. Giving thanks for things is always good. Thanking the universe for what you are bringing into your life is especially important.


  • Cleanse your home physically and energetically
  • Cleanse yourself physically and energetically
  • Focus your energies and work with the meditations or guided meditation that will bring you what you seek

Use these secrets. They are a gift to you. Take time and commit to giving yourself the best life possible. This goes beyond more than just one year. You can establish an amazing life for yourself when you work with these techniques. Work with specially crafted guided meditationschakra meditationsmeditation ebooks and resources to put yourself where you want to be in life.

There is a meditation forum open to you as well. Everyone is welcome within the meditation forum and you can access wisdom and advice there easily.

Wherever you are, whatever you wish for in your life, I wish you serene meditations and an amazing New Year!


Stephen Frost

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