Meditation And Sacred Sites: Daibutsu Nara 大仏奈良

by Master Meditation on July 19, 2010

With the Nara Daibutsu 大仏奈良

With the Nara Daibutsu 大仏奈良

Meditation is a great thing to do at sacred places, largely because the energy that is there is so clean, pure and powerful. Yesterday I was in Nara (奈良) and was able to tour around the various shrines (神社) and temples (寺院), including taking time with the Daibutsu (大仏) or great Buddha. The Daibutsu (大仏) in Nara (奈良) is the largest in Japan, and the energy surrounding the temple it is housed within is incredibly tranquil and calming. By taking time at these types of locations for meditation you can move your practice to a higher level and reach more profound levels of stress relief and enlightenment more quickly than in your meditation space at home.

Todai-Ji Temple Daibutsuden Hall  東大寺大仏殿奈良

Todai-Ji Temple Daibutsuden Hall 東大寺大仏殿奈良

The main reason for this is the accumulation of spiritual energy over many many years. When you first start using your meditation space at home you have the energy that has accumulated there for many years, over time the energy changes and becomes calmer due to the meditation practice you do there. With sacred sites like that of the Daibutsu (大仏) or great Buddha in Nara that have been in existence for thousands of years you have the advantage that the energy has been shifted and raised by spiritual masters through the ages, so you have a much better energetic environment to work with.

When taking time to go to a sacred site to meditate it is important when you arrive to give gratitude for the opportunity you are about to enjoy, and then when finishing you meditation to give gratitude again for what you have achieved and enjoyed. In doing this you keep a stronger bond and clarity with the environment and the work that others have done on your behalf.

For the meditation itself, find yourself a quiet comfortable location where you can be free from disturbance and refrain from causing obstruction or blockage for other people. Then getting into a comfortable seated or cross legged position focus on your breathing and begin to clear your mind. As you relax your breathing and clear out your mind, become aware of the energy around you. The powerful feeling that exists where you are, it may be peace, love, happiness or something else. With each breath bring the energy inside you, filling you up. At first when you breathe it deep into your lungs you will feel it gently flowing through to the rest of your body, and eventually you will fill it strongly inside. Filling you from your core all the way out. Enjoy this feeling, and with it hold thoughts of the things you wish to work on, perhaps changes in your life or something you wish to achieve. Take those thoughts and hold them like seeds, caring for them lovingly. As you drift deeper along and into your meditation take those seeds and plant them in the fertile energy you have immersed yourself in, feel the changes beginning internally as soon as the seeds are in the ground. Sense how your being and your experience of life is shifting with the new growth that is beginning to happen. Initially as with all seeds it may take some time for major growth to be noticed, though the feeling and knowledge will exist within you for what is happening. Hold yourself in this meditation for as long as you feel is appropriate. Whilst you are meditating you are bathing in the energy that nurtures the changes you desire, so working with it for longer will aid in the growth you seek.

Daibutsu In Nara 大仏奈良 Wonderful Place To Meditate

Daibutsu In Nara 大仏奈良 Wonderful Place To Meditate

After you have come out of the meditation and settled yourself at home take time to reconnect with the energy from your own meditation space, as this will create a link between it and the sacred site. If you are still setting up a meditation space then there are many ideas and resources you can acquire to create the feel you want from new age stores and places throughout the US, UK and Japan.

Where ever you are, whatever your drive for learning how to meditate, I wish you beautiful meditations. Namaste.


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eka July 19, 2010 at 8:37 pm

love the pics steve..but truly I wanna ask u one can we concentrate on our meditation while many people around you like in nara??

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