Meditation And Rejuvenation

by Master Meditation on June 28, 2010

Meditation for Rejuvenation, how to improve wellbeing and standard of living

Meditation for Rejuvenation, how to improve wellbeing and standard of living

Meditation and rejuvenation may sound like a strange mix, though the link is closer than you would think in many ways. Meditation is an excellent way to gain stress relief and improve wellbeing, rejuvenation of course is about restoring good health and youth. So surely it follows that doing something to promote better wellbeing you are going to rejuvenate yourself, well yes and it goes beyond this too.

When you take steps to improve your wellbeing and get stress relief, you increase the functionality of your body. Your organs begin to work more efficiently and the toxins and chemicals held by your body are able to be released. As you continue through the process of purifying your body of the toxic elements it held the ability of your organs to do their job efficiently improves. Thus bringing you a level of rejuvenation, though only on a very basic physical level. Practicing Yoga is another good thing to do as it helps to improve energy flow and organ functionality too.

To actually begin to truly rejuvenate there are further steps which are wise to take. Primarily doing something to release the toxic thoughts you hold within your mind, these only serve to limit and restrain you. Practicing mindfulness and forgiveness are key elements to achieving a healthier state of mind, and through practicing meditation you can access these to a deeper level. Stress relief meditation is also incredibly good. Actively going into a state that is designed to release negative emotions and thoughts can be profoundly good for your health, something which has been noted by many health professionals the world over.

All these things will certainly help you and allow you to take on a new lease of life, bringing better quality that you can enjoy. If you truly wish to access a well developed state of rejuvenation though then meditating on becoming rejuvenated is the key thing to do, in addition to the other things mentioned of course. To access this state you would do well to have a good meditation space where you know you are going to be able to concentrate and relax fully for as long as you need to be.

I strongly recommend having a good healing incense going whilst you are doing this meditation, and music is totally optional. Ensure you are in a comfortable sitting or cross legged position, wearing comfortable loose fitting clothing so your body is as relaxed as possible. Have the room at a comfortable temperature so that you can easily maintain the meditation. Then once you are comfortable close your eyes. Focus on your breathing, start with five minutes of Ha breathing and focus on the energy going to your kidneys and liver, this allows you to release negativity energise your internal organs and gain further stress relief.

Once you have done this start to visualise yourself being bathed in beautiful healing light, allow your instinct to flow and just go with whatever colours come to mind. Feel the light permeating your organs and body, sense the cells within you renewing themselves as your body begins to rejuvenate. With every breath you take more cells rejuvenate, and greater functionality is restored to your body. Feel the changing level of energy within you, allow yourself to flow with the altered state you are coming into. It gets closer and closer to your natural state, the state which allows you to achieve most easily and be the person you truly are. Continue to focus on the light and each time you breathe feel new energy coming in with each breath, and each time you exhale sense dis-ease leaving your body and your system moving towards full functionality and efficiency. Continue this for 15 to 20 minutes or longer if you feel able. When you close off feel yourself connecting into the earth, allow yourself to feel the energy within you and your meridians connecting down through to the core of the planet and then coming back up to you. This brings you back to your waking state in a connected and cleansed manner.

The more often you can practice this meditation the better, it is a simple one that is easy for anyone including those learning how to meditate, and it really helps with improving health, certainly I have found good results from everyone I have taught it to and myself of course. If you need to acquire anything for your meditation space then most things are easily obtainable in the US, UK, Japan and the rest of the world.

Enjoy and be good to yourself. Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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thank you for share this article..feel more attracting to this matter..and just look this article help me easier to understand from last article of yours.well done!

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