Meditation And Problem Solving

by Master Meditation on December 14, 2010

Meditation is incredibly useful for problem solving and finding solutions.

Meditation is incredibly useful for problem solving and finding solutions.

Meditation aids with many things. At times like now when events like retrograde mercury are in process meditation can be a source of calm and clarity in a sea of chaos. As energies of miscommunication fly around and cause stress, it helps to rise above and find sanctuary. Moving to a place where problem solving can be easier. Especially if you can bring a sense of clarity to your own mind. A sense of stress relief, focus and good feeling. With solutions suddenly manifesting from apparently nowhere.

The planet Mercury governs communication. When it goes into retrograde then it’s usual properties take on a negative aspect. Things can become difficult and tricky, especially in the paperwork department, be very careful with contracts. Thankfully this time it is short, lasting until the end of December. However, the time during which retrograde Mercury has its energies around us, it is useful to deal with them carefully. Something meditation can really help with.

We have all felt the stress of miscommunication at times. We all know how powerful stress relief can be at those times. How good it can be to raise yourself up from the mire around you. Sometimes escaping for a short time to collect your energies can be a good thing. You would be surprised how much can change in a short period of time, as long as you give yourself some time to breath. By taking a short time out from the source of the stress, and taking that time to meditate on the issue at hand you would be surprised what solutions present themselves. Ones that you may have thought impossible, or improbable, can suddenly be offered and granted from seemingly nowhere. When you allow yourself to drift within meditation to certain places you would be amazed what can happen.

Getting yourself into this kind of state can require much concentration though. Though anyone including beginners can do it. Granted the more practiced with meditation you are the easier it is, none the less everyone can improve the odds in their favour. By taking time to clear your mind and allow solutions to come to you in a calm manner you allow the universe to aid you. Though it should be noted that unless you take action to bring these solutions into reality then nothing will happen. The action may be direct or indirect, either way you must start doing something in order to clear the situations.

To begin with you would do well to calm your mind. So if you have one then go to your meditation space. Incense can have a very calming affect, so if you have some then light it. Incense is available in many places throughout the US, UK, Japan and the rest of the world. For this exercise I recommend silence. Silence so you can slip deeper into the void of pure potential. Once in their more numerous solutions can come to you. The help can reach far deeper and the solutions reach wider. So with a calm atmosphere around you allow your mind to drift away into calmness and the depth of the void of potential. Slow and steady your breathing. Allow yourself to feel your life shifting with every breath you take, inhale and exhale, balance. Begin Nadi Shudhi Pranayama yogic breathing and feel the shift of your energies for about five minutes. Then calm yourself further, close your eyes, and drift deeper. As you begin moving deeper into the void of pure potential do ten slow Om chants, allowing your crown chakra to open up more and a great connection with spirit to occur. Continue on, cleansing thoughts from your mind. Allow your mind to become totally clear, except for the one thing you seek help with, the focus of achieving a solution to the current challenge. Hold that one thought. When you have gone as deep as you can, hold, and steady yourself. Pausing there to allow the gentle currents you brought with you to settle. In this depth the energy moves to a different flow, allow yourself to become one with it. Once you are settled with the energy here, allow the seed of a solution to move into the field of energy around you. Allow the universe to work with it. Feel and see the new solutions and options flowing around the inside of your head. Though likely there are others that will go unseen by you, though they may still aid you without your knowing. Once the visions slow and settle give thanks and gratitude and allow yourself to come back to the physical world. Gently come out of your meditation and finish with ten Ha breaths before moving.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditation and peaceful solutions to all your challenges, namaste.


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