Meditation And Persistence

by Master Meditation on August 25, 2010

Meditation and the effect it has on persistence

Meditation and the effect it has on persistence

Meditation can aid you through many things, likely you already know this if you have been meditating for some time now. Though for those just learning how to meditate you may be surprised by the level to which meditation can impact on your life. One of the main points in modern life is the amount of work and level of difficulty and struggle many people find themselves struggling with. Often to the point where they give up and decide to do something easier, or worst case do nothing from then on. Through the practice of meditation it is easy to change your level of persistence so that you can carry on and achieve.

When working with meditation stress levels change, you can achieve a higher tolerance of stress, at the same time the meditation serves as a good release of stress. Effectively you win on two counts at the same time. By achieving this level of stress relief it give you the ability to continue on further and for longer, to persist more towards what you wish to achieve.

Balance must be created though. With hard work or difficult times must come balance, ideally each day you should balance things out between work and play. Sometimes though due to certain timings you may feel it necessary to continue for a period of time before you redress the balance. The key note here is that you do create balance. In doing so you achieve a more productive state of mind and way of being. To only ever work sets you on a path of isolation, sometimes even from what you seek.

To achieve any dream requires a number of different things to occur, pursuit of the dream is definitely one, though without an enjoyment of life you are unlikely to achieve as much. Sometimes a personal reminder of this is good, though also it should be noted that people enjoy life in different ways. One person may take activities that are less enjoyable to another, style of living can be different and so can views. Being around like minded people who hold mutual views can make this easier, especially if they meditate too. If you share a dream with other people and can meditate as a group together then your ability to achieve your goal increases and so does your persistence.

A simple meditation to aid your persistence is to get comfortable in your meditation space, with incense or music or whatever you wish to make your meditation more enjoyable. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Take yourself off to the base of a mountain far away, with clear skies and pleasantly warm weather. See the path ahead of you up the mountain, leading all the way to the summit. A path you can follow at your own pace. Start walking. With each step along it feel how easy it is to walk this path that you have chosen, at times note how step the path is, whilst at the same time feeling how easy it is. Every time you feel that you need a rest just notice there is a comfortable rock to sit on, seemingly shaped just for you, and fresh mountain spring water beside it to refresh you. Then as you carry on up the mountain, you can notice that the path becomes easier which each step. Easier and easier until you feel that climbing up this mountain is almost effortless, and when you reach the summit the reward is immense. The view is stunning, and the environment amazing, a beautiful garden, fresh and well cared for, waiting for you to enjoy. Take time to enjoy the garden and the view, survey everything around you, and the path you have taken to get there. It was easier than you thought, all you had to do was walk it.

Whatever you work towards in your life I wish you every success and beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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