Meditation And Mindfulness

by Master Meditation on May 18, 2010

Meditation And Achieving Mindfulness Aid You To Enjoying The Life You Lead

Meditation And Achieving Mindfulness Aid You To Enjoying The Life You Lead

Meditation and mindfulness are aspects and forms of the same thing. When we talk of mindfulness we are talking about being fully awake and aware of the present moment. For what reason is this important? Well when you practice this you find you can be yourself more fully all other moments, thoughts and feelings just disappear off into the universe, leaving you in a state of contentment and peace. States which become far easier to achieve when practising meditation, due to meditation being a practice that naturally take you into that way of being.

Mindfulness is very much what many describe as being in the moment, taking that concentration and energy that usually is spread over many things and focusing it. Focusing it on the present moment that is, releasing yourself from the bonds that hold you to other things in your life. By releasing those bonds even for a short time, you can gain greater understanding over who you as a person really are. Granted people are formed by the experiences and roles they take on in life, though those things form the exterior, at the core there is something different to experience. Especially when you consider that many people often do things out of a sense of obligation and duty, rather than one of free will and desire. This sense of having to do something clouds the mind and heart, and creates a conflict with what the soul would wish to do.

As the bonds which restrict the soul are released it becomes freer to be joyful and have the experience it richly needs, and life can flow more easily and readily. Within meditation these bonds are able to be released easily too. The process of removing yourself to a quiet place like your meditation space, away from the demands of daily life, gives you an easy route to casting away those bonds even if only for a short time. Indeed when you are learning how to meditate you will find this naturally starts to occur.

The simple way to begin on this path is to have a single point of focus in your meditation, a candle meditation can be a very easy way to achieve this and help you gain great peace. If you are happy enough with it though then you can literally just close your eyes, focus on your breathing and allow your mind to go blank, the state which you are seeking to achieve. As your mind goes blank within the meditation your concerns disappear and you become more mindful of yourself. On a very deep level your soul begins to relax and revert to its pure form and true nature.

Through practicing meditation it becomes much easier to achieve a state of mindfulness wherever you may be, on a train, in the office or wherever. The state of mindfulness when it can be easily achieved like this allows you to feel free from stress, events can be experienced in a different way. They can be experienced in a manner that is far more comfortable for you and allows to achieve more from them. The stress that many people experience gets in the way of many things they work to achieve, so gaining stress relief like this allows greater things to happen. With more practice through meditation you go to a deeper level, releasing more of the trivial things that drain people of their energy, the stress relief and greater availability of energy to you takes you to a place where you can enjoy your life more fully.

Though this may seem like a new age thing it is a practice which has changed many lives over thousands of years, allowing people to flow through the life they wish to have. Many of the bonds people are held by are self imposed and the limitations bring upset and sadness, having released them to follow a true path allows the joy of life to be enjoyed, and dreams to be achieved. Music and books widely available in the US, UK and many parts of the world aid you to take this practice deeper and feel yourself more fully. Wherever you are I wish you good fortune in achieving deeper connection with your soul and beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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