Meditation and Low Self Esteem

by Master Meditation on August 26, 2011


Meditation can aid rebuilding of self esteem.

Meditation can help build self esteem. Self esteem, or low self esteem, is one of the biggest problems in the world now. You do not have to know fully what is self esteem to know that low self esteem leads to feeling of unworthiness, not being worthwhile and not being worth it. It cuts into the core of people and can drop them down very very low. However, there are things that can be done about it, with meditation there are numerous ways to tackle the issue.

Low self esteem cuts into the core of a person. Largely it centers on the solar plexus chakra, the seat of confidence, will and self esteem. Though once it sets in it can grow and then filter out into many other things. Often affecting a persons self love and creating difficulty for them around that, which of course knocks on to other things in life. The distraction and negativity also affects communication, thought processes, creativity, physical health and many other things. It creates a huge amount of stress, which only serves to compound the problem and worsen it.

One of the key things therefore is to work on stress relief. Attaining deep relaxation and stress relief can provide a quick boost of good feeling. Something which can then be built on through other meditation work. By attaining a degree of stress relief it becomes easier to then work with the solar plexus, heart and mind in order to correct the issue at root cause and and move forward into a healthier state of being. One from which a more fulfilling life can be built and attained. The path there does require a good deal of energy to work. However the reward from doing so is far greater in comparison to what is expended.

In terms of actually attaining stress relief there are a few things that can be done. You can work with various breathing techniques, especially balancing ones. These will aid you in restoring yourself to your natural way of being, and bring your body back into a greater state of harmony. Also working with stress relief guided meditations is a good thing to do whether you are learning how to meditate or are more advanced. By working with a guided meditation you can in many ways take it easier. By allowing yourself to relax and just follow the suggestions you can remove further stress from the situation.

The next big thing to do is then undergo the challenge of personal change work. Challenge, yes. Personally rewarding, yes, very! This is when other types of meditation come in. Though importantly it should be recognised that all of this work is energetic. When you change thought process, as you do with this work, then you work with internal energy. Shifting and moving neural pathways, altering them into a form that supports you in a better way . Enabling you to live your life more fully. So building up energy is important, and is one of the reasons that I teach Ha breathing. Doing Ha breathing prior to change work and meditation enables you to work more effectively. Having done so it is then time to move into the change work itself. From here the main work to be done is with the solar plexus chakra, the core where these issues begin. Working with guided meditation through issues of self esteem has many merits. By doing things this way you can allow yourself to relax more, as you are being guided by an expert. Also, and importantly, the guidance you receive will take you to the core and how you can heal it most efficiently. Thus meaning that you can feel a greater sense of confidence immediately due to having the right direction. Solar plexus chakra meditation is very important here, it is the master key for the issue. Though it is also wise to perform heart chakra meditation and self love meditation as these reinstall self love and good feeling alongside the improved self esteem. This helps you because the feeling becomes more sustainable and self regenerating. Bringing better feeling with improved self esteem enables you to keep going and building up your self esteem, the good feeling creates a deeper motivation for continuing and feeling completely good again. Always with this work practising mindfulness and gratitude on a daily basis help too.

I strongly suggest that you check out the guided meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. Which have many things to aid you. Plus of course the meditation forum. The meditation forum is open to everyone and is there for sharing ideas and experience and advice.

I truly wish you the best in your future journey and with all your meditations.


Stephen Frost

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Coach Derrick August 29, 2011 at 1:47 am

I believe that meditation is the elixir for low self-esteem as well as guidance and direction for each of our lives IF we seek it. Meditation is food for the soul and allows for each of us to find strength our divine connection and sense of wellness.

Thank you!

Master Meditation August 30, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Thank you, nice to have some shared wisdom and wonderful feedback!



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