Meditation And Letting Go

by Master Meditation on June 4, 2010

Master Meditation For Release And Letting Go Of Past Situations More Easily

Master Meditation For Release And Letting Go Of Past Situations More Easily

Meditation is a wonderful ally when you find yourself in need of letting go of things. Granted there are always times that levels of emotion are appropriate, though processing and moving through these times can be difficult depending on what you are letting go of. Be it a loved one from a relationship break up or passing on from this plane, or any manner of other loss, letting go provides a challenge to many people and most fail to let go to the degree they need to. By taking time to go into meditation you can calm and eventually release the emotions that cause the struggle experienced, the meditation techniques shared here can provide profound help when you allow them to.

Now it is always good to hold cherished memories of love and good times, retain those memories for sure. It is the negative emotions that run through the heart and mind that we seek to release, for they hold you back from the joy your life can be in the future.

Whilst you are in the depths of the loss you are letting go of it can be useful to have something to aid you feel more at peace in your life. Meditation is incredibly good for this, far from being some new age fad that goes in and out, meditation is an art that has remained a constant and evolved through many forms over thousands of years. The spiritual healing and restoration that meditation can bring to the heart and soul is really quite amazing, as you will experience when you set forth on its journey with your soul.

Loss can come at any time, as indeed can gain. So by preparing and taking time to learn how to meditate whilst things are easy going is a good idea. For those already in the midst of loss and letting go meditation can still provide a wonderfully calming experience whilst going through the release process. Essentially what is good is to gently clear your mind of all thoughts, every time one comes to you express gratitude to your heart and mind for bringing it to your attention. Then sweep it from your mind, clearing thought after thought. Once you have cleared your mind you are definitely going to feel more at peace. Yes practice does help with this, and with each repetition you will notice it becomes easier and calmer.

Once you have achieved a good level of calm in your heart and mind and can process cleanly in a manner free of judgement, then you can move on to the next stage. This entails you calmly bringing to mind whatever it is you are releasing, and I really do mean calmly. Once you have your mind focus on whatever it may be, then start feeling the gratitude for all the good things you enjoyed whilst whatever it may have been was around. This goes for all things. With people especially allow yourself to cherish the experiences you enjoyed together, people come and go all through life. We become attached and at times we move apart be that temporarily or permanently, it is just part of the cycle many experience. Acknowledge that cycle and with it the joy it brought at times, joy will return, as long as you allow it to.

As you work on through this give yourself to talk in your mind with the person, people or even objects you are letting go of. Allow your internal dialogue to process through in a calm manner as you hold the meditation and release. The more you process and speak from your heart during the meditation the easier the process is, and the more you open yourself up for the healing that comes from letting go. If you need to come back a few times then do so, treat yourself kindly and go through this with mindfulness and compassion. Release with kindness and you become open to greater kindness and joy yourself.

Wonderful people come and go, remember them always as wonderful and cherish the happiness shared. Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations and a wonderful joy filled life, Namaste.


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eka June 5, 2010 at 2:21 am

hmmm.interesting topic..just wanna add something..when people get loss they will through 5 phase (DABDA) denial, angry, bargaining, depression and acceptance.I just wanna ask, can we use meditation on each phase or in significant phase for example : acceptance?
the other questions will ask soon ..thank you before Sir.

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