Meditation And Learning

by Master Meditation on November 17, 2010

Meditation improves focus and mental clarity allowing you to learn more effectively

Meditation improves focus and mental clarity allowing you to learn more effectively

Meditation and learning work very well together. For a start the stress relief that meditation gives provides and massive boost to concentration levels. Also through training the mind to focus more effectively you can take learning to a higher level. Thus you can learn subjects faster and to a deeper level. You retain information better, and importantly, can recall it more effectively too! The more you meditate the greater this effect.

With greater levels of focus your mind becomes clearer, sharper and more efficient. As with most people I am sure you have had times when your mind is clearer than others. Remember how effectively you could think and act when your mind was clear. Through practice with meditation you can achieve that clarity more often. Also it is possible to achieve higher levels of clarity too.

The more you practice clearing your mind and improving your focus the stronger it gets at doing so. As with any muscle, when you exercise you can increase strength, stamina and power. Your mind is a very powerful mental muscle. Exercise it in the right way and it becomes a lot more powerful. Meditation is a very good form of exercise for your mind, clarity and focus are key areas it helps with. Of course the more you study any subject the stronger you get with it. So your meditation practice can focus on the area you wish to improve the most. You can find meditations fairly easily for anything you want to work on.

A simple one to work on that helps with clarity and focus is this. You can do it in a couple of ways, either using a candle or finding a spot on the wall. Or any other small point that you can focus and concentrate on. It is a variation of another meditation I have spoken about before. You can use incense if you wish for this, good aromas are available throughout most of the US, UK, Japan and the rest of the world. As usual, set yourself up in your meditation space, be that a separate room or a part of a room. Either place the lit candle in a safe place to burn or find a small point to focus on. Get into a comfortable seated meditation position and place your hands in the focus position. Then with the candle or point directly in front set your focus on the point or top of the flame. Hold your focus on the flame. Clear you mind. Meditate on the point of the candle flame and let it become your only thought. As other thoughts come to you just thank your mind, then clear them from your mind. At first you may have many thoughts coming to you. With practice fewer and fewer thoughts come to you. This allows you to focus more and retain sole focus where you wish. As the gaps between thoughts lengthen your mental clarity improves. Your ability to hold you mind where you wish it has grown. The longer you can hold this meditation the better. Start with just a few minutes, maybe 10. Then as you practice lengthen the time to what you find comfortable, each time a little longer.

Also there are a number of guided meditations that can help you if you prefer to use them and have the company of another voice. There are many of these available throughout various shops and online stores. Be careful with your selections and check the advice on selecting guided meditations to help you find the right thing for you. There is a wide selection you can select from, within the US and UK there is a strong market with many choices.

Above all, do what you feel is right for you. It is your mind and feeling comfortable with what you are doing will help you to get better results than just following instructions you are less than happy with.

Wherever you are I wish you blissful meditations and the results you seek from your meditating and studies. Namaste.


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