Meditation and Karma

by Master Meditation on October 28, 2011


Meditation is of massive help when working with karma.


  • You have strange situations happening in your life
  • You have trouble within your relationships
  • If you are facing a huge amount of struggle
  • You are finding it really difficult to be happy
  • You keep working on achieving good things in your life but they keep alluding you

Then meditation can help you with your karmic issues and residual karma from the past.

Everything you do has repercussions, both bad and good. Everything you do creates a chain of action that spins well beyond what you initially conceived.

The more you understand what is karma, what is meditation and learn about meditation the easier it is to understand how you can work with these things together.

If you do something that causes harm then people are affected directly. That brings about a knock on effect, the people, animals, things around them end up getting caught up in what happened. If your friend has relationship trouble you usually get caught up in it right, your compassion and empathy bring similar feelings to you. Plus there is the support element. You take on negativity so as to lessen theirs. This then spreads as the people around you move to support you and feel your sadness, anger, etc.

The opposite also holds true for you. When you do something good, you brighten the lives of those around you. In turn their happiness spreads as they brighten the lives of those around them. Even if only by virtue of their smiling.

Have you ever had a stranger smile at you?

You felt pretty good afterwards right.

The simplest things you do can have a massive impact in peoples lives.

So when you face big challenges in your life it is worth finding out whether things you have done in the past are creating a karmic effect. Karma always catches up with people. It can be ducked for so long. It does catch you up though.

You do have the opportunity to deal with it though. By cleansing your past within meditation you can actually reset your karma. When you truly do feel sorry for things that have happened you are able to take the learning and release the events from the past.

You may find that things come up completely unexpectedly. So be it. Karma can come back through channels different to the ones that you may expect. Just because the karma departs from you in one direction is nothing to say what direction it shall return in.

So when it does return what you can do is be ready for it. By dealing with it calmly when it first strikes you put yourself on a strong footing for dealing with it effectively. From there, as soon as you get the opportunity, take time out and go to your meditation space.

When you are in your meditation space allow yourself to calm, de-stress and relax. Achieving stress relief will give you a far greater ability to deal with your karma.

Once you have achieved a good degree of relaxation then breathe. Do about 10 minutes of Ha breathing, this will help you to relax further, whilst also giving you energy. Then begin your meditation, focus your thoughts on the events concerning you. Bring to mind your thoughts about the people involved. How they relate to you. How you are connected. How this situation mirrors other situations from your life or before.

As you mull through these thoughts, look from the perspective of their eyes. See the situation through them. See how it is, and find where you recognise doing the same or similar things.

People come to you throughout life that you are connected to in ways that you had never conceived. For some there is the possibility of past life connections. When these come up there is often a karmic element attached. Cleaning it up can lead to greater happiness for all within this life. You would likely be surprised by the things that come up.

Having found the roots of karmic situations within your meditation, a really powerful way to then begin the cleansing is through Ho’o Pono Pono. A meditation technique specifically working on clearing up situations between people. One that has an amazing effect on your life when you use it.

There is of course more that you can do. Though this is a really good start and will be a massive help to you when you need it.

For more help check the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. Also the meditation forum. The meditation forum is a great place to seek additional advice and gain further wisdom, and everyone is welcome.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations and a peaceful, happy and fulfilling life.


Stephen Frost

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